11 comments on “Happy Birthday, Kylie V!

  1. She’s definitely become a bit more relatable over the years… She has the carefree attitude like Pia. In fact she reminds me of a more finessed Pia with that conversation.

    • Ang hitad na chimp umawra na naman!!!!! Bakit ikaw may british accent ba?????? Ang baklang chimp na twooohhhhh. Tsupiiiii. Baho mo!

  2. Ganda ng pagkaka-microblade ng kilay niya! Aligned sa nostrils (which is recommended for men) rather than aligned sa inner eyes (which is recommended for woman)

    Yung lang!

  3. Masyadong alta ang dating nito ni Kylie dati, until naging bf nya si Jake Cuenca.

    • @ Baby Nica By “today’s norms”, Jake Cuenca would be deemed tame. 🙂

      Alam ko lang, noon once, nagsumpong sa fans. Beyond that, could anybody enlighten me, pls?

      • Happy Birthday Kylie!!! Maraming salamat sa mental health advocacy na kailangan ko at ng maraming commenters dito!!! Char!!! Dapat good vibes lang na may halong realistic positivity!!! ❤

      • @ Jonalyn Hernandez (You don’t watch “Bawal Judgmental”, do you?)


        (I’m referring to Jake. Whatever he’s done pre-Kylie, I really don’t know if that should affect us?… In any case, if he were truly lacking in any form of virtue, no girl would waste her time on him.)

        (Unless, what you REALLY wanted to say is that Ms. Verzosa…. You fill the blank in, po.)

        (Don’t worry about my lunacy, Mareh. I firmly believe that people and things worth your loyalty are just as worthy of your amusement. Laughter, after all, is a great abdominal work out! Is LOVE.)

        Have a great week ahead. And give ourselves the gift of making mistakes on our own terms. A past Fb friend of mine said it nicely – I claim my right to my folly, also my missteps, but also my right to start over….

      • @ Miss Flor- I agree po sa sinabi nyo. Lahat naman talaga eh nagkakamali, sa isip, salita, at gawa. In the end, piliin maging mabuti sa kapwa at lalo na sa sarili. Madaling sabihin pero hindi madaling gawin. Pero pag gusto may paraan at kaya. Isa ka sa mga lagi kong inaabangan na magcomment dito at tanggap na tanggap ko ang uniqueness mo. Parang lahat naman yata at some point may mental health issues, grabe nga lang yung sa iba na destructive sa sarili at sa iba. Tama ka din po na LOVE is the answer to everything. Have a great week ahead po at sa lahat ng mga commenters na nagbibigay kulay, saya, at spice sa blogsite nato. Mabuhay po tayong lahat!!! ❤

  4. Naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g “roleta” sa MI 2016. Nawindang si Robert Ilagan… 🙂

    Guys, her firstborn is English, not French, bulldog, no? In the photo on her phone.

    Q : Have you ever been cheated on?
    A : I think so… Though, I hope not. When in doubt, enjoy the poetry of Pablo Alboran’s lyics in “Solamente Tu”.

    “Show your wounds. That way, they will heal… You restored the blue in my sky. Only you”.

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