9 comments on “Kelley Day is Egypt-bound on March 17 for Miss Eco International

  1. Bossing Tito,

    1. What’s that dangling from your ear (in the lower photo)?
    2. Is that Charles Adam Genato (standing, masked, in blue crew, holding something)?
    3. Is there a “feng shui” number story happening here? March 17, April 17 (BBP 2020/1), & April 27 (release of the MWP 2021 Official/Final Roster)… Bakit “7”? Interestingly, the first two dates correspond to a waxing (enlargement) of the moon (from “new” to “first quarter”) while the third is FULL for that month (1131H).

    Sa Pick Albatross (Hurghada, Egypt) ulit? Suki na ang MEcoIntO du’n. 🙂

      • @ Norman Good Sat PM, po. Ano’ng paksa sa PN’s (S3 finale), bukas? Ta’s, 1-month break, no?

      • @ Norman Hihihihh… Saw it. 🙂

        Do your guests tomorrow already have a camp? Or, does their Manager attend to all their needs?

        (Na-miss ko tuloy ang ICSM… Kumusta na po sila? Almas Choudry is REALLY pretty!)

      • @ Norman It’s a month to go before take-off. By now, dapat plantsado na all. Para beauty rest.

        Mr. Blogger, pa’no schedule niyo ng Screening sa MWP, po? Parang last week, Thu & Fri? So, bukas, bago’ng batch ulit? Until… Basta 27 April, may Official Roster na. Of course, may Holy Week break… Is the attrition one-time, or will be in stages (callbacks)? Will sponsors have a say?

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