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  1. I guess many have the seen the candidates of Mr International Korea. Year after year, they consistently produce the most physically prepared candidates.

    • @ jmgonzalesme Korea, like some other countries bent on male pageantry success, tap their wellness-&-fitness industry for recruits. And majority of candidates are gym regulars. THIS is why it’s a good idea for Century Pacific Group to seriously consider getting a global pageant franchise!


      Notice how some national titlists go on to sell dietary supplements online after competing abroad. A few are even better-looking post-pageant! Dito lang sa ASEAN, ‘dami’ng Y-U-M-M-Y. (love)

  2. I really want Ganiel towin but my concern is.she might be overaged for miss world at 26 and might need to settle for a lesser crown 😭

  3. #19 is really showing his “enthusiasm”. LOL. And #25 didn’t even bring a swimsuit/short — he’s just wearing his underwear. Lordy. I’m underwhelmed with the men in this batch. No totoys please.

    • @ Lily ‘Pag sinabi ni Direk na “HUBAD!”, hubad. Kung wala ka’ng anything, sorry ka. 🙂

  4. My thoughts:

    > Better looking 2nd-day batch.

    > Again, hideous chunky shoes. Those shoes ruined the look of 128. Even when wearing pants, you can see 128 was wearing those..those….abomination. Her look reminds me of circus performers in stilts.

    In the name of everything nice and good, please girls, don’t!

    > Ladies, the wrap-around cloth thing-y in swimsuit makes you look shorter as it cuts the body in half, visually. And it makes me really wonder what is being hidden : Birthmark? Cellulite? Puson? Chismis peeking? Weng-weng hiding? Lol.

    > I have to agree about some of the boys joining the screening unprepared. Some even came in their pang-bahay shorts (No. 2 and No. 6). However, the guy between them is even worse : lift the right heel, and pose. Lol.

    > General classification : Cute face but chubby body. Sexy body but chubby face (lol). And if everything else fails, flaunt your VPL (visible penis line ) No. 19. Lol.

    > And yes, first pic and last pic are eye-candies.

    World Peace.

    • Correct Thomas and another excellent observation.

      Ang KAILANGAN ni Ganiel Krishnan ay mag-take ng GLOXI. Kung gumamit nito ang isang professional basketball player para tumangkad pa lalo, e mas lalo niyang kailangan ito than just wearing platform heels. Maaari pa siyang tumangkad ng up to three inches (or more) depende sa lalaklakin niya. Proven and tested na ito.

      I hope someone can advise her to take Gloxi (ASAP). He, he, he…

      • Only two guys are acceptable on this batch. The first guy with the white sneakers and the cute guy wearing a blue swimming trunk standing solo 🤗🤗🤗

  5. Looks like Krishna has an edge to win the MWP if she plays her card well. Just a suggestion to Krishna, she can answer the question in a more direct to the point answer and ust like the Indian Beuaties they have a way to phrase it in a beautiful way. It is workable especially her background is Journalism. Huwag lang mag pa cute! May face value ka na ateng,

    • @ GARGA The MW queen is, while smart and wise, also unassuming, with a light candidness. Nothing jarring, while still making an emotional connection with fans. 🙂

      Tori-Anne Singh, the reigning, is an excellent example! So was Aishwarya Rai.

      (Mdme. JM is the real queen. She won’t crown someone who might out-stage her.)

  6. This batch excites me. I am curious about the daughter of former mutya ng pilipinas and manhunt international winners. She must be a beauty queen material.

    • Izabella Jasmine Umali, daughter of Mary Jane Umali and Vincent Pinto…

      Well proportioned, beautifull, modelesque and a Raja Matanda descendant through his grandson Cristoval Umali….

      I hope she inherited the brains of her royal lineage…

      • Definitely one candidate to watch out for if she can pass the screening( I know she will).

      • @Serge

        I have been researching about her.. I don’t see any flaw at all…. she ticks all the boxes….
        If she speaks as well as Catriona then we have our next Miss Universe.

      • Few additional information on Mary Jane Umali. She started joining pageants & modelling competitions way back in the late 80s. She was 2nd runner up in the 1989 Mutya ng Pilipinas (5 titles and 2 runners up). She was as well a runner up to Lala Flores in the Supermodel of the World-Philippines competition in the early 90s. And she joined the Bb. Pilpinas (also in the early 90s) but ended only as a semi-finalist.

        Vince Pinto, on the other hand, used to be one of the country’s top male models and won a runner up position in the Manhunt International competition (at magkaedad lang kami, echos!). He, he, he…

      • @ paul Vince was 2nd Runner-up to Jason Erceg of NZ in 1997, right?

        And Jason is biracial Kiwi-‘Noy? Like another “hopefully will show up at the next Casting batch”? Clues : initials are ABD, a former Mercator model.

        Ang alam ko lang na Manila male runway models noon were Cris Badiola and Ricardo Cepeda-Go, na Runner-up naman sa Manhunt Philippines at ngayo’y (?) steady consort ni Marina Benipayo.

        Which reminds me…

        … Blogger Tito, you said you would feature JBdS in “Kings & I”? Perhaps in S4, po? 🙂

      • ok i saw one flaw of Izabella Jasmine Umali…
        Her political opinions are still too narrow… her she doesn’t see the big picture yet…
        and worst of all, she follows and agrees with Kakie Pangilinan…. Uminit ulo ko nung nakita ko mga post nya… I see another Alaiza Malinao in the making.. She doesn’t desserve to win! Well at least not for now…. Aces and Queens pero parang hindi natutukan… My eyes just rolled 10X inside my head…

  7. What about Alaiza Malinao?
    It looks like she has no chance at MUP due to personal conflicts with some of the organizers .

  8. Not really body shaming some of the guys – but dude, if you plan to join a male pageant, you need to WORK OUT! Don’t come to the screening with limp arms, potbelly, bilbil and all 😳

    • 100% agree, before joining the pageant you should be ready… well for experience ok lang but do not expect something.

  9. Jerelleen Rodriguez, Riana Pangindian, and Joanne Flores. Perlyn Cayona, 2022/3? 🙂

    Hhhmmm…. The Makati City and Bukidnon bets could make Danna Joy require Tempra…

    Sir Norms, ‘yun’g reigning G. Bulacan,… hairy? If yes, alam ko na kung sino siya. (Hihihihh…)

    At, ‘yun’g returning MrWP candidate, taga-Mindanao. If yes, alam ko na rin sino siya.

    We’ve sent an array of guys to Poland, none of them left a big mark. But here’s the thing : DON’T bother with advocacy/back-story. Matters little, if any. K-A-T-A-W-A-N ang pinakamahalaga!

  10. When will the A&Q batch going? We all know that A&Q has a stronghold of the MWP crown…. I’m excited to see who their flag bearer is in keeping that crown on their side.

    • They already did today. As for the Final screening in April, we still don’t know who will show up at the last minute – be it Aces or KF

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