25 comments on “Miss World Philippines 2021: Day 1 of Screening

  1. As much as I love Miss Iloilo Queens Rabiya and Karren Laurie Tito Norms, yung Ann Palmares wiz ko bet. She is not pretty at all. Mapanga na ewan.

  2. Ang chica ng mga bakla,

    Cynthia Thomalla will rejoin the pageant!

    Bet kong manalo si Chelsea Fernandez! After Miss Earth, Miss World naman ngayon! It only shows na after si gurl sa mga advocacy driven pageants! Ang ganda niya!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Chelsea is currently slugging it out at Bikini Filipinas, po. 🙂

      (The 2nd episode of the virtual pageant just aired recently…)

  3. Galing ng porms ni Tito Norman!
    Kabog lahat
    If the one in yellow is Miss RHA Philippines , di bagay sa kanya buhok
    And Michelle does not stand out in that color . I can’t see her face
    Magaling ang performance ni Miss Multinational Philippines. I think she can win the international crown

  4. I’ll give it a try…

    Did the doll-faced noontime TV pageant alumna recently (also) try at ADFQ? Initials : AR.

    Town-mate (Mabini) din ba ni G.Supra’19 (also Fil-Italian, NOT MP) ‘yun’g willowy Batanguena?

    Phenomenal es Ericka Evangelista?!! 🙂

    Miss Iloilo titlist es, ciempre, Ann Palmares. This is just formality she needs to endure.

  5. Observations:
    1) Only standout here is 65. She seems quite poised. A pageant veteran perhaps?
    2) If 36 in the black one-piece is Cassie Banks then I’m not impressed with this first impression.
    3) Good gawd, someone feed Miss Thing in the red two-piece a burger… stat! Ugh, too skinny. One typhoon and whoosh – where’d she go?
    4) Though many in these photos will most likely not make the first cut, it’s good to see the ladies be confident enough about themselves to go to a screening for a national beauty pageant.
    5) Those clunky platform shoes are certainly awful. Only drag queens should be permitted to wear them.
    6) Slim pickin’s… but thank goodness, we only need to find one for MW.

    This is just Day 1. I look forward to the other screening days… especially the ladies from the major beauty camps.

    • @ Lily Cassie Banks is part of the Screening Committee, po. 🙂

      Isn’t she the one in the pink dress? Like a petite Sirene Sutton, no?

      “Almost all the reigning titleholders joined the Screening Panel save for Glyssa Perez who is still in Australia”, said Blog Boss. And Cassie is a “Princess” of the 2019 Batch.

      For the boys, I expect a biracial first serving for the delectation of the Board – Fil-Kiwi, (yet another) Fil-Italian, and a local with Arab extraction.

      • Thanks for the clarification, Flor. I saw a comment from “jed” here that he thought #36 was Cassie.
        So I assumed she was vying for another spot this year. Speaking of Sirene Sutton… that was definitely one that got away. I would’ve loved to have seen her compete in the international stage. She would’ve done very well in Supra.

    • Hoy fyi Miss Venezuela from Marelisa Gibson to their latest miss u queen used platform heels too no. Considering mga higante na sila. Sa atin pa kaya na unano tas ayaw mo pagamitin ng ganyan. Kung Loubotin yan okay parin ba sayo? Ang taas2 din non. Lol

  6. I am sorry to say that that I have to agree with the comments about tacky dressed, fat, short, and bulky shoe-wearing aspirants (I am using the word aspirant since I hope some of them are not official candidates yet). And yes, there should be a law against those ugly shoes. Also makes me wonder what was the wrap around the waist for when wearing bathing suits. Are they hiding something?

    While beauty pageants have indeed evolved into something more relevant and meaningful, it is STILL a BEAUTY pageant after all. I have seen better looking sales ladies than some of the photos above. The only beautiful face / photo that caught my attention was the lady in blue, who in turned was Michelle Dee.

    I hope those were just badly shot photos of the girls.

    It is sad when the best projection, best enigmatic smiles and best dressed photos above belonged to Arnold V., Arnold M, and Norman T. Lol.

    World Peace.

    • Thomas are you new here? You write with a lot of sense and very witty. DILI PAREHO ANANG UBAN DIHA PATAKA LANG ug YAW-YAW UG mga BUGO KAAYO.

      • Hi Paul. I am not new here.

        And thank you for thinking I am witty and sensible.

        The feeling is actually mutual…

        I also think…


        I am witty and sensible. Lol.

        World Peace.

  7. joanna toledo daw si 65 na naka blue? and 36 is cassie banks? mup laguna is also there.

  8. May screening pa rin ba? E di ba madalas taga-GMA7 lang nanalo sa contest ni mama A. Vegafria at tsaka kung under management ka nya? Appoint na lang para iwas-hawa sa covid19!!!

  9. Kapansin pansin yung mga pandak at mashoba. Wala na bang height requirement ang MWP? Pwede na rin ba sumali yung mga tabachingching?
    Ang alam ko kasi sa mga aspiring beauty queens, ideally dapat matangkad, maganda mukha, maganda ang katawan, at syempre matalino.

    • I respect everyone’s preference for beauty because it is relative. But Beauty contests nowadays advocate for inclusivity. Everyone can join regardless of skin color, size, and shape. Intelligence also is not measured by how one speaks. It has several domain.

      • Hoping that our lawyer bet from Bohol will be sashed as an official candidate. She finished her pre-law at UP Diliman and her law studies at ADMU. Good luck to you my dear

    • @ serge & @ bonsaihater Just heard from one of us on what some organizations look for.

      World – someone unassuming, with an easy candidness; must be liked by Mdme. JM.
      Supranational – a runway model with a sweet personality. Not fierce.

      Height was mentioned for neither. This must be why Boss ALV admits/accepts petite candidates.

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