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  1. Congratulations Norman on your inclusion in the screening committee of MWP. With power comes the responsibility. The responsibility of selecting the girls to be included in the roster who have the potential to best represent the country in the international arena. I wish you luck. Bring your Midas Touch on.

      • @ Norman Aaayy!!! The Screening is on-going…. 🙂

        (Has Roan T. arrived, po?)

        May we know how you and MamaRu plan on going about with this? Kasi, I imagine na kung hihintayin niyo hanggan’g matapos LAHAT ng aplikante before making the selection, at iilan lang ang ma-a-accomodate per day, ‘eh baka by the that time pagod na kayo… Or, will you pick the “best per day”? So, if you’re targeting forty (40), then kung over ten (10) days you get three per day, ta’s the remaining ten (10) of course reserved na ‘yan for the VIP bets like Ann Palmares, Danna Joy Tempra, and Ganiel… 🙂

        King Tito, do also discuss with MUPO (so that they, in turn, can relay to MUO) na baka mas maganda in the interest of both safety and economy, only the Top 50 MU country candidates selected by fans via an online poll will actually go to the World Final this May. Look at it this way. Their original target was 70 to 80 candidates. But as it is, I don’t even think they breached 65… Are there still any countries na hinihintay between now and next month? Kasi, kung ‘yun’g mga first time mag-U-USA, baka at least a month ang kailanganin to get a USA VISA. So, let’s assume buo’ng March na ‘yon, therefore by the end of this month (February) dapat ma-inform na kung sino’ng pasok in that “Group of 50”. So that by April, naka-prepare na (wardrobe, luggage, etc.).

        Look also at what MUT 2020 did. Their First Selection was 100! Ta’s, it was trimmed down to the forty (or thirty?) that actually competed at the Intercontinental Hua Hin. MU, ADAPT too, please!

  2. Boss N, could you also give us update on Kelley and Isabelle’s campaigns, po?

    Si Kelley, sa March na, korek? What’s up with her preparations?

    Si Isabelle, towards mid-year ‘ata (as what MamaRu said at your PN’s session/episode). Ta’s, ‘yun’g eighth (8th) title na under negotiations pa ba or for finalization na, dahil si Glyssa ang ipadadala? And it’s a tourism pageant, right?

    And Marie Que, eager-beaver McDonnell, and Pojas of PMAP? See? I still remember… 🙂

      • @ Norman Wouldn’t it be nice if Toni-Anne Singh & Ann Porsild can join Roan in crowning the new MWP queens later this year? Tell ALV to make it happen! 🙂

      • @ Norman I saw your photo of the M(Ilo)2x queens. 🙂

        Ann Palmares reminds me of Ana Danica Magpantay, the Ford model. Hints at styling, kaya?

    • Aling Flor so MUT na ang template ng international beaucons… tsk tsk tsk. Chipipay naman. Eewww. How jurassic. Duh

  3. wow. congrats sir norman. wish namIn pati sa finals night. bring your own sign pen and chair na din para mas more safe and sure na malinis at covid free bongang outfit mo 😂 peace yow! elem graduation lang ang peg 😂. by group po ba or one day lang screening nila? tell us the exact date sir norman please……..dapat infomative ka sa mga fans mo dito hehe.

  4. Congrats , Tito Norman
    I hope Arnold gives u one of the seats at the judging table on finals night.
    I think you deserve it .

  5. ‘Not smart ‘ is probably not the right description. Arnold has come this far in the business so it must count for something .
    Maybe he should a little more aggressive in selecting and training girls .

  6. I don’t find MWP interesting at all
    But it’s been a while since we last saw a competition
    So I’m now looking forward to MWP 2020

    I just wish we had a ‘smarter’ ND

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