21 comments on “The Ambassadors of Miss Universe Philippines on Pageantry Norms

  1. It seems like nag transform ang isang commenter dito. Or baka may nainom na gamot kaya “bumait”… Sya nga ba yan or ibang tao posing as a chimp.

  2. Oh my Bella sure does look gorgeous with no make up. She should join MUP or MW. I think she deserves a major major crown.

  3. It’s good to see Norman giving the floor to the girls
    I think there was a good balance between Tito Norman’s kikay ‘ antics and the girls doing what they were supposed to do on the show

  4. Galing talaga ng speaking skills ni Bella
    Pero di patatalo si Rabiya
    I think Pauline Billie and Michelle are getting too generic with their answers

  5. Bella Michelle and Rabiya looks gorgeous
    Billie needs to go back to her long hair
    And Pauline .. I know she can look better than that

    It’s good to hear that Michelle is doing well at Willie’s show . I hope she stays there long term
    I know Rabiya will do well in medicine if she decides to go that route
    Pauline can be our future MW or MI
    And Bella our future MU
    As for Billie , kaya pa ng isang pageant . I think she ll do well at Supra

  6. Rabiya should not concentrate on learning the host country’ language or culture . It is not necessary. A

  7. One major takeaway in this episode is that pageantry may have faced formidable challenges with this pandemic but it also gained tremendous opportunities by way of projecting and resonating its relevance to society. As related by our queens, the satisfaction of being “harbingers of hope”, “source of inspiration” and a “rallying point” during this pandemic is enough a reward for the difficulties experienced in their risk-laden journey to MUP crown.

  8. Congratulations Norman for that lively, dynamic, and intelligent discussion. Indeed, it is a big achievement on your part to have gathered these 5 ladies considering their busy schedules especially Michelle and Rabiya.
    Naloloka ako sa yong lower garment. Ha ha ha.
    I wish you asked them about their plans after their reign.
    Pauline’s plan is very doable. She can Collaborate with fellow MUP candidates and make a travel video of each province, then upload them in her social media platform.
    I love the charm of Pauline, the sweetness of Bella, the candidness of Billie, the intellect of Michelle, and the sincerity of Rabiya. Assemble them together in one episode and you have a perfect show!

  9. A rewarding afternoon of intelligent discussion to cap Season 3! Our queens did not disappoint– beauty, brains and admirable core values radiating whenever they speak! My warmest congratulations!

      • Episodes like this get Sir Norman closer to the title of Ambassador of Virtual Education. Sir Norms, you may not be aware but the educational content of each PN episode is high– followers and readers learn a lot with each entertaining conversation with your guests. Keep up the good work!

  10. Naks nemen, @ scorg and @ jed. 🙂

    Gusto rin daw ni Otits ng titulo, Mamshie J. #AmbassadorOfLove, ‘di bala?

    Hakenson’s candidness is maddeningly magnetic! That she single-handedly (meaning NOT an MUP pageant sponsor) landed a prestigious endorsement (Shiseido) effectively pays for her keep there. BRAVO!

    Ysabella, His Grand Sweetness will not refuse you, po. Cross over asap.

    Guys, that’s “Direk” beside Blogger Dude. Cutie, no?

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