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  1. Guys, we look forward to the Online Poll as our personal contribution towards co-owning any pageant brand, don’t we? Well, instead of only one (1) country rep benefiting, why not the org conduct the Poll 8 Feb to 14 March – roughly five (5) weeks – and the twenty (20) country reps with the most votes REGARDLESS OF CONTINENT become the ones to actually travel to the MU venue in April-May? 🙂

    1. I would assume that’s enough time to secure a USA VISA…
    2. Admins of the MANY pageant pages around the world (!) put in so much time and effort towards promoting their respective favorites that such a Poll can be a way to assess how successful they are in that regard.
    3. Since this will be continent-irrespective, it is quite possible for one or two continents to monopolize or dominate, respectively, those twenty slots simply if the fans want it that way. We therefore end up with a show with only those sashes we want, sans fillers, “ty” girls, & token reps.

    Not a popular proposal, but can organizations seriously consider charging pageant media outlets for coverage rights as additional source of income? I recall a discussion somewhere… back when our country hosted an international pageant a few years ago, one world-wide pageant media outfit (M) ALLEGEDLY paid for exclusive rights, of course to the chagrin of other “less-established” groups who were denied access/entry, so left with little choice but to obtain/source material from that “early bird that got all the worms”… In the same spirit that some pageants get decades-long patents to protect their brand from duplication, I wonder if some sort of one-time or periodic/renewable licensing can be established to guarantee protection of pageant media interests. There can be a Fee Schedule, different rates for all levels and purposes/intentions.

    (What this necessarily means, too, is that this all becomes taxable, therefore subject to commerce laws where applicable, and an accreditation/registration scheme would be adopted.)

    • Flor , the More the merrier
      It would be extremely sad to see only 20 candidates on the show
      While only 20 girls perform on finals night
      It’s still good to see all of them take part in the prelim on same venue

  2. Equal hosting chores with Steve Harvey. Give her an opportunity to shine because she deserves it. Smart move in the 2018 pageant; always looking forward.

  3. I hope they allow American citizens in so we can support our candidate there

  4. dami patolad
    dami mga kuda, malanovela,mag blog na din kayo
    hindi pa tapos ang pandemya
    isang kandidata or staff lang positive hawa na lahat

    pero ang ganda sa costa rica
    costa rica should host a virtual pageant

  5. MU should just hold a virtual prelims and fly in the top 20 to the U.S. for the finals.
    At least di na nila sinayang ang oras at pera ng majority of the “thank you girls.” 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • @ Raf If that will be the case, start na! Tumulad sa ME. Protracted prelims means more money.

      And obtaining a USA VISA takes time, isn’t cheap. MUO must say well in advance who’s Top 20.

      • Isn’t a US visa mandatory/a requirement to be a representative sa MU?
        Mas okay kung virtual na lang ang prelims held a month before the finals, then MU Org. flies in the semifinalists sa US for the live competition.
        Less candidates, less health risk.

  6. Why would Costa Rica be interested in hosting MU? For decades Costa Rica has been known a the world’s premier retirement destinations. This South American country in the Pacific coast is known for established and welcoming expat communities. Given its many English speakers, one doesn’t need fluent Spanish to fit in. I believe Costa Rica’s tourism drive aimed at the retirees is the major impetus for aspiring to host an international pageant. Calculated to hold towards the tailend of this pandemic, I surmise the tourism pitch is a healthy, safe and secure haven for the world’s senior citizens I hope hosting talks move forward to a positive outcome soon.

  7. dami nyo haka haka

    hindi pa nga tapos ang pandemya!!!

    hayaan nyo mga reyna mag enjoy muna sa 3 year reign nila


    • @ kembular2020 Talaga po’ng marami’ng haka-haka dito. Blog po ‘to. 🙂

      I think we have no choice but to accept that this pandemic will be around for a while. So, COPE.

      • We have to learn to live with Covid-19 mam Flor. We have no other choice unfortunately…

  8. I think in the midst of pandemic, most nations would rather allocate funds for vaccines than pageants.

    • @ Lireo So, po, you are pertaining to priorities. In that case, go over to Angkol and give him a lecture. That being said, Thailand seems to be managing… Our own @ scorg was confident in them; look again in the MGI-Aya Abesamis post.

      ALL nations will allocate funds for vaccination; this is a given. It’s even possible IMF-WB would give out loans in this regard, if not make it a condition (that the money be used for NO other purpose). So, may pera. The real issue, ‘ata, is supply unable to meet demand. But even this is expected.

      My point – EVERYBODY wants to get their economy up and running again. You know about Indonesia’s approach (which raised foreign eyebrows)? They prioritize the YOUNG & STRONG (late-teens/early twenties to those in their sixties), dahil ang mga ‘to ang madalas outside anyway at sila ang nagpapatakbo ng ekonomiya. Hindi feasible sa kanila na unahin ang mga matatanda’t may pre-existing conditions, due to logistical difficulties (around 17k islands!). Honga naman. Biruin mo, itatawid mo ‘yun’g mga bakuna sa mga isla-isla, ta’s mga tanders/gurang lang ang bibigyan? And most Indonesians are not in that “elderly bracket”. Parang giyera… If you use up too much time saving the injured instead of actually engaging the enemy, matatalo ka.

      Private entities naman ‘ata ang karamiha’ng bumibili ng mga prangkisa ng international pageants, not governments. So, ‘di ‘to public funds. I don’t believe in giving moral weight to this. 🙂

      • @Flor, to add to your thoughts: countries (read: government and private sector) host international spectator events as an investment. They draw down funds now in the hope of long-term future returns from tourism, foreign investments, exports of local products and services, etcetera. Returns need not be immediate; it may take years. For so long as the Net Present Value of future cash inflows is higher than the investment outlay, countries will find hosting an event a favorable investment decision. If a government does not have investible funds and woulfd rather spend its money on healthcare, it may seek the private sector for support in this investment venture.

      • As a welcome development, Thailand government allows holding of sport and beauty pageant bubble. It specifically mentions MGI as an example of a beauty pageant bubble. Nawat must be smiling from ear to ear.

      • And Thailand is planning to produce its own anti-covid vaccine. They must be rich and more technologically-advanced.

      • @ serge Thailand seems to want to diversify their economic portfolio more towards the Singapore mold, involving pure and applied physical science. If the sheer number of Western expats there is any indication, then it’s not surprising (but I have to admit certainly there’s more to it than that.)

        I used to work for a dealership that at one point represented a Thailand-based manufacturer of analytical tools for use in science laboratories. I submitted their brand for evaluation at a government tender once. It was approved and I got the Order! Later, the end-user (one of the labs of the Agriculture Ministry) in a casual chat informed that the Thai product was successful in resolving a long-standing issue in their routine analysis which “better” brands (from “more advanced countries”) couldn’t…

        (This is merely personal testimony in nature, and in now way intended as formal/official endorsement. But still, it felt good to have helped make the world just a little better for others. That was the REAL reward for me. Khap khun khop!)

      • @Flor, if I may add, temember Thailand is home to the Asian Institute of Technology while Philippines is to Asian Institute of Management. Thailand trains Asia’s new breed of scientists while we train Asia’s managers. If this is any indication of the development path of Thailand vs Philippines, I would say Thailand may be on the right track in this century of information revolution and scienbtific breakthroughs..

      • @ jaretwrightlover It is clearly stated. Costa Rica cannot foot the bill single-handedly.

        I think about it now, is it possible this anticipated year-end hosting will reveal the new MU “owner/investor”?

        If that will be the case, the April-May edition could/might be the last under WME-IMG 100%.

        (I get a feeling IMG is just itching to get this pageant out of its portfolio! A chance to recoup?)

  9. So, Miss Universe 2020 will be in April or May this year … and Miss Universe 2021 will be held in Costa RIca some time in December 2021 ? …

    • @ jaretwrightlover Ayos! 🙂

      Many are saying it is time once again for the crown to return to the Americas, and yes, there are a few quite convincing candidates from the continent. But a European win will not be unwelcome, either. And if the Far East, it would probably have to be that former French territory.

      That’s for April-May (MU 2020).

      For towards-year-end 2021, either MUP appoints Bella or conducts their second edition soon enough; kaya ko si-nuggest na 20 April (three days after BBP’s shindig) mag-Screen na sila!


      • Pwede rin…last win nila si Poleng…but it’s still anybody’s ball game…Patch’s birthday is on April 27, 1994 so pasok pa sya…27 years old sya nun

      • @ ECE Just like what @ unorthodox said. MU & MUP 2021 needs to happen if Atty. still wants.

        Although kung Nepal 2022, 28 siya, so OK pa rin… ‘Yun nga lang, sagad na siya sa age ceiling. And if, huwag naman (!), Nepal finds reason to postpone to mid-year 2023, PATAY. Tagilid. 29 na.

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