15 comments on “The “World-ready” Ganiel Krishnan

  1. She looks very much like Megan
    Her sister is a Pia wannabe
    I donot think MW will crown a copycat

    • Agreed Fabian. If the Philippines wants to earn their second ever Miss World title, that PH bet needs their own style with more wit and gusto.

    • @ Abcde Parang BBP lang ang talaga’ng particular sa height…

      That being said, the last bunch of Mutya’s was quite tall – Cyrille, Klyzah, Tyra, & April May.

      And MUP had Zandra Nicole, Alaiza, Mitch, & Paola. But MU isn’t height-crazy, as we all know.

  2. Wow.. Beauty and Brains… hands down .
    My only wish is that she’s a couple of inches taller…
    But if she can nail all the interviews then I have no qualms if ever she wins…

    She is the same height as Hillary Parungao who made it in the Top 8 of Miss World.

  3. Si Sirene Sutton, sasali din daw sa MWP!

    Shaks! Sana mapunta na sa kanya ang Miss Supranational title!

    Wapakels na’ko sa ibang title!

    • May tsismis na si Dindi Pajares eh in prep mode na daw.. so sino ang “Dyosa” na ilalagay natin sa Supra kunsakali – ang dyosa ng pouty lips and the d’face or dyosa ng rampahan ?!?!?! dios mio, ang jirap jirap mamili kunsakali…

      • @ anony Ang ipadala sa Supra, ‘yun’g pantapat kay Jihane, na sweet like Datul, at alta like Porsild. Also, ALV needs to lay out a charity impressive enough for Andre Sleigh & Boss GPVL to want to come to our country to immerse themselves in… 🙂

      • Aliza Malinao has the face, body,and modeling skills… Her whole look and Visayan heritage would surely be by the Supranational owner who seems to like girls with Indianized looks and culture…

  4. She is definitely a shoo-in for one of MWP crowns. I would like her to advocate for freedom to information since she, herself, is a member of the press.

  5. Sana sumali ulit si Perlyn Cayona sa national pageant. Malakas ang chance nya mkakua ng crown dito sa MWP. Miss Multinational perhaps

  6. Ciempre! Siya pa ba mawawala? Doesn’t she resemble Praveenar Singh in the photo, guys? And in the video, Karen Gallman. 🙂

    Very FEU nga naman… Two thumbs up!!! She’s 26 this year. I think she may be suited for that eighth (8th, Tourism?) title, kaya lang next year pa ‘yun (kasi i-a-appoint si Glyssa for this year’s inaugural edition, right?).

    OK. Sure na ‘to, Ann Palmares (M(Ilo)2x’s rep), and Tempra 4 Kids (kasi ibinilin na ni Atty. S. kay MamaRu).

    (May isa ako’ng gusto, ‘yun’g itinuring ni Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel na “the most precious of essences”… Kaya lang, baka in effect pa rin ‘yun’g contract niya with ADFQ by then…)

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