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  1. Sir. this question are kinda boring but only asks these if hinde pa natatanong sa kanila.
    Pauline – If you are the sec of tourism and once everything back to normal and everyone got their anti covid treatment. how will you bring back and maintain the tourism in our country in a new normal? what are your effective plans?
    Rabiya – what advices can you give to all HS Graduates or anyone who will taking up College on how to choose the best course for them.
    – Months after you won. You have been silent and busy. What is your message to all the fans and anti MUP who are thinking that the organization neglected you and that they did nothing that helps you in your MU journey. ( Its up to u sir if you will ask this)

    All – What song best described yourselves? and sing the best part for you.

    • @ jed Hello, po. I hope you won’t mind I share my thoughts on Cucharo-Amelinckx’s. 🙂

      Tourism, like any other industry, has already adapted to the new normal; some amount of local tourism is happening as we chat… It’s not really necessary for government to do anything apart from enforcement; DOT’s primary mandate is to market the country as a holiday haven and devise quality standards for the industry as a whole. Tourism in our country is still majority privately-owned, which means on its own it will seek solutions to problems… Just take into consideration ‘yun’g SOP sa ziplines wherein gear are routinely sanitized; ‘yun pa lang, malaki’ng bagay na! And, vaccinated or otherwise, the pandemic made everyone realize just how important those “good practices” our parents and teachers kept telling us really are, such as covering your mouth when you sneeze/cough, modulating your speaking voice (so as not to sound shrill but can keep saliva droplets to a minimum), and incinerating our own “bio-waste” (toilet paper soiled with body fluids for example, sanitary napkins, such things) so these do not end up in the general trash…

      What I just said sounds trivial, no? But really, Philippines tourism has been discussed to death, I believe. Everybody already knows what the areas for improvement are even before this virus struck. It admittedly will be much harder now to get those changes done, given both the economic contraction arising from the loss of business and the travel bans to slow down transmission. The former is a logical consequence of massive work stoppage due to lock downs; the latter is unavoidable, if sometimes necessary. What CAN we do but simply hold on and start trippin’ again?

  2. Peaceful weekend, Sir Norman.

    E10, S3 ender, falls on the 7th… Which means you’ll take a break on the 14th, no? Ta’s, kita-kits na ulit sa 21.

    S4, kung tuloy ang plano ng MU na April to May ang pageant nila, ay more or less tatapat… Ta’s, malamang resume na rin ang BBP… Plan ahead for the Candidate Features! Pero si Sarita, parang andami na’ng nauna sa inyo, po. Iba na lang. Can you get Branch, Stevens, & Meza (North America episode)? I will assume all three can communicate easily in English. All the best!

    • Flor, we might have a longer break that will cover the rest of February. My technical director, Gerard, will have his three week vacation here in the Philippines and I don’t want him to adjust to the program while in the Province where the signal is not always stable. We might return on March 7 for Season 4.

      • @ Norman … Or, maybe you might want to just engage your PN’s community. No guest. So, kahit wala si Direk,… ‘Yun nga lang, you’d have to respond to the comments. 🙂

        You did something like that, when you made that “pilot/test episode” a’ la vlogger mode; topic was attributes you look for in a pageant wannabe. I recall you mentioned how important the individual’s values complement those of the organization.

        Kaya niyo ba magkuwento lang tungkol sa buhay-buhay niyo in an hour and a half? Like those interviews Sam Brusas and Atty. Bruce Rivera did with you, po?

        Or, pattern niyo after Playboy’s centerfold playmate questionnaire – turn-on’s, pet peeves, idea of a romantic date, qualities you look for in a partner, vital statistics, favorite books/reads, food, etc….

      • Towards the end, po, paki-share ‘yun’g aral na nakuha niyo du’n sa pelikula sa KTX kagabi.


        Kasi sabi ni AP (aka, CN), may aral daw mapupulot. ‘Eh, bayle-bayle lang naman ‘ata. (Hihihihh…)

        At take note, kahit mas mahal (more than twice?) sa siningil ng MUP (Php 300) para makapanood, wala ‘ata’ng nagreklamo… Iba talaga ‘pag sariwa’ng karne ang ibinebenta. LOLZ.

        (I just did a price comparison; in no way does my above statement imply anything about MUP. It’s just that I assume this is the same audience, that would be interested in both. Go figure…)

  3. It seems we are up for an intelligent postlude to Season 3. Congrats!

    I respectfully submit these questions addressed to all or to anyone of our queens:

    1. In what ways did this pandemic give pageantry opportunities to show that it is indeed relevant?
    2. The assignment of titles representing specific advocacy areas for each one of you is a novelty in pageantry. How do you and MUP plan to flesh out your specific title as “ambassadress” for your assigned social issue?

  4. I would like to know if Billie, Pauline, and Bella are planning to join national beauty pageants after their contracts with MUP end

    • Pauline said that she’ll join MUP again. Bella, probably yes. Billie will be overaged by the time her contract with MUP ends.

      • By the time Billie’s contract ends, she will be 28, she can still join Bb Pilipinas and vie for BbPI, BbPG, and BbPGI

  5. They will bring a “collection of essences”?… Kaya pala ganu’n titles nila! 🙂

    THEY WILL LAUNCH A FRAGRANCE SERIES? A new MUP sponsor, perhaps?

    “A woman should apply perfume wherever she would like to be kissed”. – Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel.

    One question each.
    BILLIE, if a woman and a man court you simultaneously, which would you prioritize? (Not necessarily say “yes” to one and ditch the other, maybe you enjoy being a fulcrum-of-sorts…)
    PAULINE, what are the top indicators of an over-heated tourism? Just explain, not necessary to provide solutions as that’s the job of government, not queens…
    MITCH, what three (3) sport disciplines should all be proficient at?
    BELLA, if you could collaborate with a fellow Filipino/a artist, who would he/she be?
    RABIYA, what academic subject in the current elementary school curriculum (?) is utterly impossible to teach virtually?

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