15 comments on “Sandra Lemonon retires from pageants

  1. She and Michelle have yet to share their secrets. Maybe in the years to come.

  2. I never got “It” vibes from her, but I definitely sensed high maintenance and unnecessary drama. The past few months just reinforced my perception.

  3. not trying to sound negative, but I encourage her to use tools like grammarly, as she could’ve used better words on her IG captions. (Whn vs Whenever, Shall vs Should?)

  4. I think she realized that her plan to “spill the tea” diminishes her chances of winning a national crown. I wish her good luck on whatever plans she has. She is not getting any younger. It is important to have a solid foundation for future career.

  5. Some people call it retirement, others will call it “because-no-pageant-will-accept-you-anymore”. I don’t know Sandra, the way you involved the whole nation in your drama of “spilling the tea soon love”, casting aspersions on the integrity of the MUP and the winners by threatening to reveal things and not doing it still leaves a bitter lemon-y taste in my mouth. If you have something to reveal, do it. If none and you were just overtaken by emotions, then simply say so and apologize. People will respect you more for being honest and humble.

    It is so irresponsible of you to say oh well, I am retiring – -without clearing or cleaning the mess the unfinished business sh-t you’ve created.

    After gaining our collective respect for being honest to admit you didn’t know what build-build-build was several years ago, you will sadly be remembered now as the girl who cried wolf. A sour-graping loser, or in your case, a sour-lemon loser.

    Good luck.

    World Peace.

    • @fabian tinakda na nga si Sandra nun along w Eva. Eva and Sandra were a fave of the group of sponsors. You will bump another lady but not Eva
      Decent q and a at mananalo daw si Sandra kaso

  6. (Cortesi… Am suddenly hankering for Celeste… Blogger, updates po. Make it quick, please!)

    (Have the MWP 2021 Screenings begun? Said MamaRu, i-ba-batch para sosyal distansya pa rin.)

    Lemon, enjoys the distinction as the sole MUP candidate to IMMEDIATELY catch the attention of (straight) guys. And the one our @ unorthodox said was initially considered to grace the GSM 2021 calendar (of course, Telle eventually got the job). In any case, HAPPY trails! I wish u luv. 🙂

  7. Pageantry is just a stepping stone to a yet bigger more stable career. To me, changing tactics to reach life’s goals is not a matter of retiring. It is part of the learning experiece that is just as wonderful and value-adding. To Sandra, good luck on your journey whatever and wherever life takes you. I’m sure your foray into pageantry made you a stronger and wiser person.

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