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  1. The problem is Rabiya is raw. I will stand by my comment that she should have been given a runner up position and let that hone and develop her in 2 years time she would have been ready.

    Bella or Michele should have been given the spotlight para sure top 20 tayo. Now with Rabiya, she might be the one to break the streak. Hopefully not.

    I feel bad for her. She’s trying to please the fans but she’s truly not ready yet.

    • @ 4M Speaking of Michelle, she was at “Wowowin” last nigt, with FrontRow bosses Verzosa and Francisco, dancing like kids in celebration of Willie V.’s 60th year. 🙂

      Watch PN’s S3E9, po. It may well be the first time Tito N will have the entire MUP Court at once.

      (And I bet/hope E10 will feature the new bikini queens for 2021!)

    • Here we go again with Michele… Her walk is trashy. Bakit ba bilib na bilib kayo sa kanya? Ang tamad-tamad nun nung Miss Globe stint niya, inuna pa volleyball. Magvolleyball na lang siya.

    • Here we go again with Michele… Her walk is trashy. Bakit ba bilib na bilib kayo sa kanya? Ang tamad-tamad nun nung Miss Globe stint niya, inuna pa volleyball. Magvolleyball na lang siya.

    • @ Fabian Reyes “Uff”, nemen. Give it another listen, po. 🙂

      Alam mo ba kung ano’ng nauuso’ng poll ngayon dito sa ‘Pinas? Saan’g parte daw ng katawan mo gusto magpaturok ng bakuna kontra-SARS-Cov2… ‘Di naman necessarily sa braso lang dapat, basta malaman (intramuscular). MALAMAN.

      Ikaw, doktor ka, ‘di bala? Saan ka magpapaturok? Dapat meaty, ‘ah. LOLZ.

      (I assume you will choose the one by Moderna, because it’s “Stateside” and they claim effectiveness against the United Kingdom’s B117 strain.)

      • Flor, my first one sa deltoid. It hurt for 2 days. I have yet to receive my 2nd dose

      • Aling Flordeluna, hindi tatablan ng vaccine ang isang chimp. Kasi kulubot na, may ebola virus pa sya sa katawan nya. Ibang blunt object ang tinuturok sa mashoho ang puday…


    • She can be a “chameleon” with the right stylist and guidance.
      Unfortunately the bosses at MUP Org. have abandoned her 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. In fairness, this girl is really pushing and trying her best to be the best version of herself!

    Yun nga lang talaga kasi, experience is the best teacher!

    Unlike Gazini na natalo muna sa MWP and came back stronger or

    Unlike Maxine na exposed na sa limelight ng fashion world or

    Unlike Ara na natalo muna sa MEP,

    Etong si Inday is virgin na virgin na virgin pa talaga!

    Yung approach na ginagawa sa kanya is on expedited phase,

    Real challenge sa kanya ang MUP title!

    And kung totoo na tatanggalin yung continental grouping sa MU, mas lalong magiging slim ang chances ni Inday na makapasok sa semi-finals!

    I hope once nagbukas ang US Embassy, makakuha na siya ng visa dahil isa din yun sa nakikita kong magiging hurdles niya on her way to MU! Unlike Michelle which I’m sure hindi pa paso ang visa!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Unless Pres. Biden issued an order recently to tighten in-bound travel and restrict borders, I don’t really see why Rabiya should encounter difficulties in obtaining her first USA visa… Wasn’t Gazini’s own her first time to enter the USA? Besides, we’ve been sending reps to America for MU all this time, surely the Embassy/Diplomatic Service already trust us…. 🙂

      (We get that you are loyal to Mitch. But if the MUP hierarchy is any indication, Bella will have priority over her… And to invoke MSA’s decision to send Natasha to MU, I believe, is simply that the organization is not too bent on a back-to-back; bear in mind that as a result of Zozibini’s win, their participation this time should be free, and assigning their 2nd Runner-up to MU might be a veiled hint at downplaying any leverage MUO is playing as far as extracting a bigger franchise rate from them as a result of that win. I think something along these lines played out in Catriona’s case, which resulted in the formation of the stand-alone MUP, ostensibly because BPCI refused…)

      And allow me to bring up the matter on “aging out”. Now, we are in a predicament kasi recently andami’ng nag-abot-abot ng last attempt, all 26 or more years of age, which includes Mitch, Alaiza, Shane, Patrizia Santos, Atty. Patch, Aya, Vickie, and Sam B (among others). We know it is impossible to accommodate them all! DO YOU THINK WE SHOULD HAVE SOME KIND OF RULE NA HUWAG ISAGAD SA AGE CEILING ANG LAST ATTEMPT MO, PARA MAY ALLOWANCE IN CASE OF DELAYS? Like this one caused by the SARS-Cov2 pandemic? It sounds silly but at least if I were Vickie or Aya, both 29-ish, hindi ako ma-stre-stress ng mega ngayon. Not that they are, that’s not what I’m saying.

      Which also implies that one should start early enough; perhaps the first attempt can be right after completing college. Mayru’n sana’ng prescribed interval, like 21-23 (1st), 23-25 (2nd), & 26/27 (3rd and last). I’m unsure if there is value in letting 20-&-below in. But Mdme. CQ did say in her PN’s interview (where she was joined by MamaRu and Rachel Peters) that her current Mutya queens while all quite young already possess maturity beyond their years… Or, magaling lang talaga pumili si Mdme. CQ ng candidates niya…

    • Isingit pa talaga ang isang ala Miss Wisconsin Earth sa usapan. How bitter po Aling Clara.

  4. I am sorry to say that I agree with some of the comments that somehow Rabiiya’s looks and styling have deteriorated over the past months. Someone even commented that Rabiya reminded him of a South Asian girl with extra chromosomes used as a cover for UNICEF card. That was a harsh comment but sadly on-point and true. I feel the same way about her every time I see a post or an update. The styling is so contrived. They try so hard to make her appear va-va-voom (with dark nipple dangerous peeking of her gown) when obviously she’s not. She simply looks and acts like a girl in a gown. And seriously, her slightly opened mouth with overbite is quite disturbing. Giving off that yes, extra chromosome vibes.

    Her manner of answering and talking feels contrived too. She has seems to have a prepared , canned answer for every question. Pa totoy-Bibo. Sagot agad even if hindi pa tapos ang question. Pang Ms. Q&A ng TV ang dating which is off – putting.

    How do we solve a problem like Rabiya? I hope it is not too late.

    World Peace.

  5. Sadly I will have to agree with the comments of many. Her looks and styling are deteriorating. It makes my heart sinks every time I see an update about her. I am not sure who commented before about Rabiya reminding him of some South Asian girl with extra chromosome cover of a a unicef card. Harsh but this is also the exact secret sentiment I have.

    The way she speaks or answers questions also look contrived. Parang prepared na prepared with canned answers. Giving off a Totoy-Bibo / atat vibe that is off-putting.

    World Peace.

    • And so inggit ka? Ikaw trying to be human… eh kahit ano gawin mo chimpanzee ka pa rin na maraming bulbol sa katawan. Nakangisi ang labia majora mo pero walang pumapansin sa yo kasi nanlilimahid ka!!!! Kahit sampung beses ka maligo sa isang araw amoy burak ka pa rin just like sa maitim mong budhi!!!!! Inggitera kang bakla ka na matandang hukluban! TSUPPPPPPIIIIII. EEEEEEEEWWWWW AMBAHO BAHO MO KULUBOT NA TANDERS CHIMP!!!!!

  6. Hmmm still missing that spark she had when she won. The problem is they are trying to do too much to her appearance. Dapat simple and classy , let her shine through . Rabiya you are enough as you were . Don’t let them experiment too much that you lose that spark completely.

  7. An advert usually presents the imagery that appeals to its target audience. One cannot judge the iage model’s real persona from what the TVC projects. It’s all in the Director’s conceptualisation. I can only congratulate Rabiya on this very first TVC assignment. She did well as a neophyte. Her engaging personality shines through, and effectively beckons women to celebrate themselves with Lazada.

    • @ Ozzo With all due respects, po, I don’t think you realize how currently prestigious a LAZADA endorsement-ambassadorship is… 🙂

      “Nasa LAZADA ‘yan…”, went the jingle. Pati ‘ata wagas na pag-ibig, ma-o-order… (sigh).

      (I really don’t think gravitas was the intent here… And surely Iloilo City would be proud.)

  8. Oh, look at THAT. Just a change in the stones – from the red, blue, and gold (pearls) to rose-purple and shallow-sea green – and the “Filipina” became FRESH-NOT-STUFFY, cheery-not-morose. 🙂

    Yes, fafa Bosing MG. Many happy returns, po! (Mmmw-ah)

    (“What advice would you give all women”? – Catch the Chanel Spring-Summer 2021 HC Show!)

  9. She has been through a lot in life which molded her to become who she is today. Indeed, life is the best teacher for Rabiya. Whatever questions thrown at her, she answers them sincerely without pretenses. Yes, she is pretty, but it is her sincerity and genuineness that will make her win the MU crown.

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