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  1. Provoncial pageants are normally sub-events, or even centrepiece, of a province’s annual festival. As such, a provicial pageant’s natural advocacy is the promotion of local tourism, advancement of local culture, and celebration of the province’s main source of livelihood. Provincial pageants are where we get grassroots participation in a national pageant, so that the winner picked out can be said to be truly representative of the country. On this regard, I applaud Miss Kuyamis Search and all other provinciual pageants in the country. May they continue to prosper, with the support of the Provincial Governments, LGUs, civil society, and the private sector. I hipe for the day when a major local brand can take the mantle of sponsoring provincial pageants as part of its image-building strategies in the countryside.

  2. On the other side of the pageant world,

    Windang nanaman ang sangkabaklaan sa pagre-revert ng Miss International of the age limit!


    Dahil hindi na pasok sa banga si Vickie Rushton!

    Pero utang na loob naman!

    Vicky has all the time in the world to join when she was younger but she delayed it until sagad-sagaran na edad niya!

    Kaya give chance to other na yan! Hindi para sa kanya yung title!

    • Sorry, pero bet na bet sya ni madam… Possibly because mukha silang mag-ina… Don’t u notice, madam highly favors petite halfie mestiza girls like Vicky…. same peg as Angelica Alita…. Hindi nyo maitatangi na si Vicky ay malaki ang pagkakahawig kay madam nung kanyang kabataan…. Simillar height din and background…. In fairness, totoo ang ipin ni madam.. d pa kasi uso palakol veneers noon…

  3. MIS OR is one of the beauty pageant-friendly LGUs in the Philippines. Thanks to Gov Emano and Atty. Saclot. MIS OR girls are lucky to have these kind of leaders. MIS OR girls should grab this opportunity.

    Dannah could vie for MWP or Bb Pilipinas
    Guipetacio for MUP or MMP
    Segundo for MP or MEP

  4. Caught it just in time. Sad Dannah struggled with her connection… She looks like Caroline Veronilla, no? Now we know what the typical MisOr lass looks like. Mala- Visitacion Parado.

    Alangan naman’g tanggihan ni MamaRu… Good as accepted na ‘yan. Here we have, for all intents and purposes, MWP 2021’s first official candidate! 🙂

    Katheryn Tan Guipetacio is cousin to Ana Monica Tan, Mr. Tinio? I’m getting a gentle-kind-sweet Birta Abiba Porhalsdottir vibe. SUPRAAAAhh….., please. By 2025, maybe? Beauty camp asap!

    The continuity of the pageant after Gov. BE’s term will be assured if, as a result of these efforts, tourism in the province takes off exponentially, targeting the Philippines pageant crowd. Of course, once vaccinations (coupled with the vigilant observance of and adherence to cautionary practices) are done, ticket sales to the live pageant can only help, making it self-sustaining, if not attracting prestigious sponsorships by way of COOL prizes (but this is a taste of what the future can be)….

    … For next year, I hope they can invite ZoziTun to serve on the Board of Judges. By then, fully-served na contract niya sa MUO, so baka si Werner Wessels na ang kakausapin ni Atty. Saclot… And advanced haberday to him! He looks very chill. ‘Yun’g tipo’ng magpapainom. (Yummy.)

    • (cont.)

      Princess Nicole Segundo’s look is a mold – Adelma Krissel-Benicta, Kim Crizaldo, even Reth Sarita. The grey (eye) shadow is like the recent Chelsea Fernandez post for MBP 2021. “Love”?

      I feel somewhat sorry for ladies from adjacent provinces (like Bukidnon and LanNor). MK could be the closest prestigious emerging nationals qualifier in their area… (Straight to NCR for them, no?).

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