10 comments on “My Favorites among the Bb. Pilipinas National Costumes

  1. According to the Miss International director, age limit of the candidates will be 18 to 28 years old at the time of the pageant. How old is Vicky by that time?

    • @ miss tissa Kalokah, Mareh… 🙂

      Umarangkada na naman utak ko. Ang basa ko, “Ricky”… (Gumera? Why is he competing in a girls’ pageant?)

      Director ng MIBP ang nag-statement? Is Shimomura Akemi? Just asking, po.

      (Surely, dinumog ng katanungan si SID… Why?!! – Coco Araya Supahkruhl. Did I spell correctly?)

      • so she will only be eligible for the BBP-Globe title with 18-30 age requirement.

  2. I love all the top picks… except the yellow flowery Filipiniana(not a terno) at the mid-bottom… It still needs a lot of editing when you look at it upclose…

  3. I am happy that Bb pilipinas coronation has definite date.
    I agree with almost all of Norman’s choices for best in national costume.

  4. Great selection, Herr Norman! 🙂

    OK. So, the Spring-Summer 2021 season will commence as… mid-April BBP 2021, MU “2020” sometime April or May (venue, please?), and MWP 2021 late May to early June depending on government approval (as per MamaRu).

    I suggest MUP begin 2022 Screening by 20 April (first lunar quarter of that month). Bago mag-Ghost Month (by July?), release the Final List of Successful Applicants (redundant?).

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