10 comments on “Binibini 22 and her Bb. Pilipinas National Costume

  1. Costume is not pretty at all…
    I have seen multiple rice festival inspired costumes and this is too campy arts & crafts…

    This is total Meh….
    Is rice the only thing they are proud of?
    Where is the more historical aspect of this costume?

    If I was the designer… I would have created a sculptured piña/abaca butterfly sleeved terno with large floor-length Victoria’s Secret wings at the back who’s feathers are made of fake scaled-up glittery rice grain stalks and real gold dyed ostrich feathers…. and a large wide Ball skirt that cleanly tapers conicaly from waist to the floor with a printed and embroidered painting of the death of Antonio Luna at the Cabanatuan convent that echoes Juan Luna’s Spoliarium… embroidery would use multi-colored threads that includes copper, silver & gold… and a large triangular frilly shawl on her made of interlocked & woven crocheted “batotay sausage” shaped segments made of brown, copper, red and gold shimery wool to add a touch of camp… Ganon!

    4.5 stars out of 10 for the effort.

    • If memory serves me right, hers was one of the last to be photographed by Raymond Saldaña so the original set used for the others was no longer in place. Parang nakahabol na lang ang peg ba.

      • @ Norman Good Sat PM, Sir Pageantry!

        Am looking forward to PN’s S3E8 tom on MK. Our chance to be acquainted with this year’s queens as well as its pillar, Atty. Saclot. 🙂

        Perhaps it may be of help to viewers to ask him to explain something of the pageant’s origins and its motivations. If this is like the now-defunct (?) Mutya ng Dabaw (as shared by our @ paul), the funds are taken from the General Appropriations Division (GAD) of the Provincial Government, meaning discretionary (of His Excellency, Gov. BE) disbursements not exceeding a fixed sum of cash and therefore not requiring Commission on Audit (COA) scrutiny in the strict sense… So, not so toxic and therefore gets prestigious corporate sponsorships very easily? 🙂

        BUT, alam ko dumaraan pa rin sa tender (public bidding) lahat ng activities (food, transportation, venue, accommodations, etc.) and ONLY accredited vendors/suppliers can submit proposals. Of course, there is a standard accreditation process to hurdle and I will assume that’s the reason why MKO got franchises for MMP and MPE, being that both Tape, Inc. (producer of “Eat Bulaga”) and Carousel Productions, Inc. respectively, are among MisOr’s duly-authorized “partners”.

        Further, does this necessarily require MUPO to likewise seek and work towards such accreditation, if they wish to offer their franchise as well? Hope Atty. Saclot can clarify, po. Tyvmia!

  2. This costume, though well-meant, is very bad. It can’t win even at barangay level. The candidate is pretty pa naman.

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