59 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas Finals on April 17, Miss Grand International on March 27

  1. Ano ba , wala pa bang update
    Pang Miss Grand sya.. she’s great showmanship on stage … like Wynwyn

  2. I would love to see her on MGI
    She will kill it there
    Just gain some confidence
    And try to add drama to her speech
    Kabisaduhin nyang mabuti para tama grammar

  3. Para sa akin maganda si Aya ka level nun mga Astrid at Michelle of pretty rich Asians pagiging class.

  4. Flor AYA SHOULD ALWAYS STAY CALM (composed and professional) dahil LALO siyang PAPANGIT PAG NAGWAWALA siya. She is NOT ALSO ENTITLED to have that “ATTITUDE.” Aya should concentrate on improving her KNOWLEDGE BANK and COMM. SKILLS as well as KEEPING herself BEAUTIFUL ALL the TIMES because she is a beauty contender.

    Reminder: Norman DO NOT POST (anymore) UGLY PICTURES of AYA. I hope you CAN still IDENTIFY BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS (of Aya) from the UGLY ones. Thank you and good morning.

    • @ paul I must be missing something here… Because I have neither heard nor read of any incident involving any sort of “attitude” on Aya’s part. But yes, staying calm is always helpful. 🙂

      “Knowledge bank”… I would understand if Aya were joining a tourism pageant. Then, yes, she must bone up on the challenges and thrusts of our tourism industry; no need to state the obvious, such as the pristine quality of Boracay’s coastal sand. But learning is constant, is everywhere, can be anything, and even the most convoluted social-economic-political issue of the day, here or abroad, can be sufficiently tackled with good old common sense!

      Aya is an art lover. This much is clear if you observe closely the world she chooses to surround herself in. Art alone is a VAST subject, overlapping into other complex stuff (culture, religion, education, collective psychology, etc.). Kahit ito lang ang paghugutan niya, puwede na!

      Good comm skills is based on sensitivity. Miscommunication happens because we are not attuned to each others’ frequencies! When in doubt, shut up and listen. As the Dalai Lama said (or was it Confucius?), “if you talk, you merely repeat what you already know. But if you listen, you could instead learn something”….

      (… I believe the best way to learn is to be perceptive and observant, do away with safe-convenient blinders, and just allow the moment to unfold and take/possess you. And yourself become the lesson. How you react to it can be an epiphany.)

      Again, Angkol won’t care. If he likes you, he’ll keep you. He’ll find a way.

    • Paul I really don’t know where you’re coming from. You seem to always have condescending remarks towards AYA-mazing hehehe.
      Give the lady a break. What endeared Aya to most people is the professionalism that she showed during her reign as a runner-up. She seems very humble too.
      Love her so much and I believe she deserves to compete internationally.
      Moreover, I still believe that she should have been given one of the crowns based on her performance that night. I actually was expecting her to get Supranational.

      • Not just Aya, but also Rabiya. Medyo madumi tong bibig ni Paul.

        I agree, I would’ve given her the Supranational crown. Rae admitted that if she doesn’t know what to answer, she’ll answer God. Watch her TWBA interview.

    • Wow… not talented?.. FYI, Aya is a natural artist aside from graduating with a degree in Fine Arts… And if I remember this correctly,, she had trainning in Ballet…

      • @ Closer2Fame And that training shows in the L-I-N-E-S she creates with her body in shoots. 🙂

  5. If Aya ended up on MGi stage , she would likely make top 5. I donot think she can win the crown . She is too shy for Nawat.

    • I have the same observation, Fab-B!

      Mas gugustuhin ko pang maging 1st runner na lang siya kesa maging winner at alipustahin nung baklang froglet na Pinoy hater!

      After all, wala nang dapat patunayan si Aya! With or without MGI or a title, she will continue to have booking in the modelling world! Kita naman ng lahat kung gaano naging ka-professional si Aya at Binibini and it is of no wonder if the moon and stars will align with her! Confirmation na lang ang kulang! But with the left and right pasavog lately, I believe,she’s keeping a low-key profile for the international expectators!

      Aya is just perfectly fine as she is! No need to hone her communication skills dahil hindi naman spokesperson ang hinahanap ng Vaklang froglet! Que modelling assignment nga wala eh!

  6. Aside from body face and comm skills , kailangan ng class din .
    Si Aya sosyal ang dating
    Si Rabiya Jologs .

    • precisely…you cant buy class. I suggest Rabiya to stay true to who she really is. She is relatable and inspiring as she is.

    • lol Still can’t get over na natalo si Michele? Try niya mag Miss Wisconsin sa Miss Earth Philippines. Baka manalo siya dun.

      • @ Abcde I couldn’t believe it when one of us said (in another post) that the current MU candidates from Asia have begun to resemble each other facially. Now I see it’s true to some extent. 😦

        To be fair to Mitch, she did work her (beep!) off and had she won MUP she would certainly stand out in the Eastern bloc. But at least she bears none of the burdens of expectation now, & just chill.

        (Ngayon ko na-realize 2nd Runner-up is the most bitter pageant pill! Look at how SamBer, Minorka, and Mitch herself reacted. Kasi, 1st RU is effectively the true winner on points, so parang wagi na rin at siya rin naman ang “official spare tire”. 2nd RU gets nothing, for the most part.)

      • @Flor

        Working hard doesn’t equate to performing well. Self-awareness kulang kay Michele. She doesn’t know where she needs to improve. Her walk is trashy. She should’ve daw, eh wala nga siya dapat sa Top 5.

      • @ Abcde Speaking of self-awareness, just now I was wondering where I (yet again) misplaced my glasses.

        Then I realized I was wearing them… Tanders moment strikes! 🙂

    • Hoy chimpanzee with umaalingasaw ang kiki hugasan mo muna ng muriatic acid yang nanlilimahid na vulva mo before ka mag linis ng bakuran ng iba. U have no iota of a right to belittle anyone bcoz u are nothing but a second rate trying hard girlalong unggoy na me uod ang pikpik!!!!! tsupiiiii!!!! Baho ng baklang twooo!!!!!!

      • Bakit si Fabian Reyes ang pinag-iinitan mo madalas? Eh si Paul ang masama ang bibig pag hindi niya bet ang isang tao… At saka ikaw din. Tignan mo kung paano ka makabitaw ng salita kay Fabian.

        Hay, tao nga naman.

      • Bakit si Fabian ang lagi mong pinag-iinitan samantalang si Paul ang masama ang bibig pag hindi niya bet ang tao? At ikaw din… Tignan mo na lang tabas ng bibig mo kung paano mo insultihin si Fabian. Hay, tao nga naman.

  7. HEAD & SHOULDERS! It is a LOT EASIER to FIX the SHOULDERS of Rabiya Mateo than the HEAD (brain, comm. skills & face) of Aya Abesamis.

    But WHY COMPARE? Rabiya is going to MU and Aya is (as of this writing still has NO confirmation) is expecting to be sent to Phuket for MGI. Rabiya should be compared with OTHER national titleholders for Miss Universe and not with Aya and Maxine who are both B ___ and P ____.

    Questions: (1) Does AYA have the KIND of PERSONALITY that Angkol is looking for?; (2) How about her (very ordinary looking) face considering that Angkol is crazy with the Latinas?; and (3) Have you forgotten the (continuing) animosities and online word war BETWEEN Angkol (& his minions) and the Filipino pageant fans?

    Bantay kayo kay Angkol. Pag umandar ang tupak nito, naku! May I just remind you of what had happened to both Eva and that Century Tuna Girl in MGI. So DON’T GET TOO EXCITED for Aya because you might just be very disappointed.

    And always REMEMBER that the HEAD is (almost) always the basis for choosing the WINNER and NEVER the SHOULDERS.

    • The beauty of the last two candidates are both hmmmm questionable and sorry to disagree that aya has an ordinary face. On the contrary, I find her beauty/face very versatile plus she can wear any type of clothing with class and ease.

      • The body, face, pasarela, comm skills can be fixed thru time but not the height!

    • @ paul We are “too excited”, po? I believe Aya FULLY deserves the wave of goodwill buoying her at the moment. 🙂

      Back in 2018, when Mr. Tinio audaciously matched her alongside Catriona as his options for the BBP-Universe top plum, the blog exploded with allegations that only nepotism could assure the Verdadero scion any title, never mind that the Gray Cat was unstoppable/undeniable. To add, Aya was “just a model”, “should have joined earlier”, “too reserved”, had a NatCos that looked more like kebaya, etc., etc… In short, Aya wasn’t winner material.

      A year later, the Sam Lo fiasco, the Sam Ber “tampuhan” blues (“I deserve better than 2nd Runner-up”!), and Atty. Patitay’s sudden “flight to Guam” not long after coronation revealed a composed and most professional Aya. Almost immediately, skepticism gave way to admiration.

      If Angkol yet again ignores our rep, so be it. It won’t diminish her worth. He’s lucky a brand as prestigious as BPCI still puts up with him! Who else will take a chance on him? Jonas? Arnold? Fred (Yuson)? He can’t even get anybody here to put up a stand-alone Nationals for him. Choosy?

  8. How will this be called? Binibining Pilipinas 2021? I wish all contenders will be given an award for persevernce and patience! Whew– 14 months of diet and exercise regimen in home quarantines to keep fit and beautiful is no joke!

  9. Aya’s classiness reminds me of Rachel Peter’s.
    She is also pretty, calm, cool and collected.
    I don’t know but I even prefer her over Rabiya.
    I mean I like Rabiya during MUP prelima and finals but now ..hmmmm not sure. I think her handlers are confusing her.

  10. Ganyan ang shoulders na wish Kong ma attain ni rabiya. Maxima shoulders din bet ko

    • BUT RABIYA is FAR MORE BEAUTIFUL AND INTELLIGENT than AYA. RABIYA’S COMM SKILLS are ALSO a LOT, LOT BETTER than that of the latter. And there are a number of techniques on HOW to make Rabiya’s shoulders look wider. Rabiya’s shoulders are not as PROBLEMATIC as the FACE, BRAIN & COMM SKILLS of Aya Abesamnis.

      • Rabiya is way more articulate than Aya
        But I find Aya prettier and ‘classier’ with a much nicer body and pasarela

      • Aya has a filipina beauty. She is indeed beautiful. With regads to comm skills, she’s nit that bad, it will just depend on the questions asked. Kahit matalino ka kung wala kang alam sa tanong, ligwak ka pa rin. But with her experiences, she is more than ready kahit MU pa yan.

      • I find Aya is more beautiful than Rabiya, communication skills lang may edge si Rabiya.

      • As for Miss Universe Philippines winners, si Rabiya ang pinakaworst sa styling! I real queen can style herself, she could discern kung chaka na ang pinasusuot as kanya !

    • Aya inherited her beautiful shoulders from her mom and dad. It is genetically determined. Rabiya can broaden her shoulders by bulking up her deltoid muscles which can be attained by doing deltoid workout.

    • @paul.. balikat at stance ni Aya yun bet na bet ko. I’m just pointing out Aya being 5’7 1/2 looks statusque compared to rabiya 5’6-5’7 frame dahil ito sa balikat .

      • What is the real height of Rabiya? She looks short, I guess she is not taller than 5’6″. Mag-heels na lang sya ng 9 inches.😂

  11. I also think similarly. I surmise Bb Pilipinas will pattern its schedule of activities leading to coronation night after MGI. I also think Aya will be sent because BPCI believes MGI’s conduct of activities will be relatively safe health wise.

    • Aya is one of the best dressed beauty queens. Whatever dress she is wearing, be it retro, modern, simple, or avant-garde, she is stunning.

  12. VERY GOOD NORMAN. MAY (MALAKING) IMPROVEMENT sa MUKHA ni AYA ABESAMIS. And the pictorial/photo concept is good as well. PLEASE CONTINUE to POST BEAUTIFUL PICTURES of HER. Thank you.

  13. Mas magugulat ako kung hindi si Aya ipapadala. Every week may pasabog si girl.

  14. I hope Aya is given the chance to represent our country in Ms Grand International…who knows she might just be the one to bring home this elusive crown…is her age still eligible to join?

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