11 comments on “Lea Macapagal: RL’s Angel for Miss World Philippines

  1. Reserved na ang crown sa mga alaga niyang starlets. Hoping isa siya sa mga alaga or else she is just wasting her time.

  2. Kung si AV ang handler/manager nya, sure win na! Bagay tlg si AV ang ND ng Mess World Cooking Show…no less.

  3. Basiano should be crowned . Intercon would fit her.
    Her beauty grows on me . Dati Kasi on Fence ako w gab and Karen at least matangkad .But seeing them both personally gab ako. If Karen gained weight Bec she tend to be lollipop if payat na payat

  4. Just like Basiano, Lea is very, very pretty. BUT the question is – How about her COMMUNICATION SKILLS? Can she handle or able to answer difficult questions?

    We have so MANY BEAUTIFUL GIRLS BUT MAJORITY of THEM HAVE WEAK communication skills and LIMITED KNOWLEDGE on various (pressing) societal ISSUES & CONCERNS.

    At least the two aforesaid girls are beautiful UNLIKE the TWO FAVORITES of NORMAN (one from the Verdadero clan and the other from Sorsogon).

    Good morning to all.

    • @ paul Dude! Alam mo kung sino’ng puwede’ng Multinational? Schoolmate natin, Bicolana na sa UPV nag-enroll… Assuming pasok pa sa edad. Nag MWP na ba siya dati?

      Time for an image makeover for MMPhl, from cutesy (Senoron, Mugford, & Daza De Leon) to one more Venusian. The Indian hosts will surely approve!

      (Christian missionary worker pa… Pasok ‘yan sa panlasa ng mga bosing sa GMA-7.)

      (You still want your Leytena Markwalder to give it a go, po?)

      • But the question Flor – Is she still interested in joining pageants after three failures in Binibini? I think she has NOT yet joined MWP. If she is qualified age wise, then WHY NOT? MWP has 8 titles to offer. O baka nag-decide na siya to go full time in missionary work just like Venus Rah. He, he, he…

        As for Markwalder, she SHOULD try (maximize) as MANY pageants (e.g. MWP, Binibini and Mutya) as she can this year because she is already at the “ceiling age.”

  5. Oh. She is endorsing (in the last photo) what appears to be a low-calorie (lite) chocolate drink. 🙂

    That can be a good BWAP – the greater acceptance of more sound nutrition options in the market!

    • To add,…

      She is like Alexandra Rosales and Kia Moreno combined. I honestly don’t know what to make of that.

  6. Oh.. A Lakan Dula descendant through his son Dionisio Capulong…. would her Pre-colonial royal lineage favor her bid for the crown? I just hope she would stop wearing those nude platform heels for glamshots..

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