9 comments on “Binibini 34 and her Bb. Pilipinas National Costume

  1. I like the cut of the top.. I like the silhouete…
    But the colors are a bit too contrasting…. The white top looks good but looks too random to be matched with the bottom part… The flowers are either too few or too many and although in 1 line, the butterfly placements look too random and not connected to the flowers above it… and there is a lot of negative space at the bottom… there should be something that unifies the top and the bottom… The idea seems great but the execution needs a lot of editing….

    6.9 stars out of 10.

    • I agree with your observations. I do not like the color combinations. And what are those small dots on flower petals? Parang nagka bulutong yung mga flowers.

      • @Miss Tissa

        Yes, the placement of the beads/crystals are too evenly spaced that it does not mimic the fractal patterns that are naturaly present in nature….

        The whole ensemble looks good from afar but upclose, it looks half-baked…

      • @Flor
        I have seen a Raflesia flower multiple times in person and this looks nothing like it… I wish this artist actually used local endemic flowers like Vanda, Raflesia, Medinilla, etc and maybe Atlas Moths(Mariposa) or bird-wing bitterfliea…. but no…. These are obviously roses, sunflowers and ithe foreign wildflowers…. tsk tsk… and the butterflies… NOPE!

    • I was about to say the same thing. It looked like a combination of all previous Barraza creations but this time executed right. It also reminded me of Ara’s gown and the butterflies from Jennifer Barrientos’ national costume . 🙂

  2. This is GREAT! I much prefer this to those of Rushton, Arnold, and that other lady also in Louis Pangilinan combined.

    Very Lacroix! The (relatively) spartan-yet-refreshing bodice paired with a skirt that while full is not overworked. Overworked skirt is Taruc’s “parol”, the ruffles looking like marine molluscs on moorings… The seaming at the waist, though… Nice necklace, too.

    Pair is the one whose mother in HK is enduring a kidney ailment, no? I hope that as a result of her participation in BBP, she gets a break that can make a significant difference towards lessening the burden. 🙂

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