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  1. (I’ll place this here because it’s indirectly linked to MU.)

    Amongst ASEAN candidates right now, it is 26 year-old Reth Sarita of Cambodia that MOVES me. She possesses this easy sophistication that disarms, the refinement of Ysabella Ysmael with the warmth of Paola Madarieta Ortega!

    ROM, ACO (MUT), & AM (PI) are certainly working their asses off. But imo they offer nothing new.

    I think a come-from-behind by the “obscure sash” former French colony can be a perfect excuse to re-acquaint the Universe with a country that while obscured by not-so-nice images of its past has surely changed one way or another by now… I can SO imagine Ryan Seacrest interviewing her! 🙂

    IF ASIA-PACIFIC WILL WIN MU 2020/1, LET IT BE HER, po. Then, onward to Nepal 2022 with… our Atty. Patitay? And while we’re at it, let’s have more visibility for jowaboy, JC (hihihihhh…).

  2. Cheap floor tiles and cabinet fixtures
    Why did they even bother show it?
    It’s embarrassing !!!

    • @ Fabian Reyes Sir, good evening there where you are… How’s the Inaugural Ball coming along?

      Avida, as the text of the post says, is (merely) the ladies’ official residence for the duration of their contract. So, yes, it essentially is a dormitory set-up. They’ll move out eventually. Digs also happens to be within walking distance of EMPIREPh/Mercator (aka, JG’s office).

      Rabiya, if I am correct, got her OWN apartment already. I no longer recall what the name of that development is, but one of the first post-Coronation posts was about her visiting that place. It was around the same time as the Morris Garages SUV post; unit was in her favorite color – red. 🙂

    • Akala ko ba hosts sila ng isang Cooking Show or may catering service? Halatang insecure ka lang sa buhay mo. Ano gagawin mo sa malaking ref? They are practically on diet, and most of the time may events sa labas.

      • @ Emily Ablay Yeah, that’s true… A snug beverage chiller would be sufficient as most probably they’ll be taking all their meals in the posh restaurants in the area, anyway. 🙂

        Guys, for all you know being a BGC locator (JG), the ladies will be granted access to all manner of privileges in that part of the city! I say, let them enjoy what is there, at before long balik sa dati….

    • Flor
      I could care less about the inauguration . I’ve lost interest in politics since the November election .
      It’s just infuriating why anyone would house these queens this way . It’s ugly cheap and so miserable.

      • Ikaw pabyan na may uod ang kepay ay mashoho ang anus, chipipay ka na nga ugly pa!!!!!! Sino ka bang hinayupak ka? Baklang chimpanzee na twooooohhjh. Umuwi ka nga sa kagubatan at kumain ng anacondang hilaw!!!!! Tsupppiiiiii!!!!! Ambaho moooooo!!!!!

  3. The interior of the apartment is horrendous!
    It’s like a sorority dorm
    Where is the apt fit for a queen ?

  4. Facially., Rabiya is very challenging .
    I donot see a beautiful woman here . Could it be the hairstyle ??? I still see a South Asian girl on a pamphlet asking for sponsors from American citizens .

    Next try pls

  5. even if they didnt win the top crown, they’re still living the MUP dream. happy for them! I hope Billie and Pauline can try joining again.

  6. Dear Billie,

    Wala po ba kayong ibang alam na pose? Pare-pareho po kasi. Para po kayong fixed mannequin na hinugot, binihisan, at inilagay next to the other queens.


  7. Juzes! Cucharo-Amelinckx, BELLAAAA….!!!

    (Really, a young Isabel Preysler, who was so beautiful that…)

    BGC is Taguig City, right? Lemon can drop in for a visit, probably. Friendly. No drama. 🙂

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