20 comments on “Binibini 36 and her Bb. Pilipinas National Costume

    • pero hindi na sya pwede for BBP-International dahil 18-28 lang yung age requirement nila and Vickie will turn 29 na sa May 8. Sad for Vickie.

      • If this news is true, it’s unfortunate for Vickie but I still support her. I hope she wins one of the crowns! She’s so beautiful to be wasted. I hope Miss International Org will be more lenient since it is pandemic time.

      • @ ECE & @ Kim Jae-Kyu One potential medium-term problem (from the org’s standpoint) is that if they proceed with the 29 age ceiling, there might arise a clamor to eventually just peg it at 30… In other words, they probably want to nip the problem in the bud.

        MI doesn’t want to take that bold step (yet), perhaps due to its conservative nature? They’re thinking, maybe, “let MU or MW take that risk… Then, we’ll see if it will be worth it to copy”.

        (If this is a marketing issue, and especially from sponsors’ end, then could it be tied to that generally held belief that childbirth becomes a bit more difficult when a woman “exceeds the calendar”? More to the point, IS A WOMAN LESS EFFECTIVE AMBASSADOR/ENDORSER AS SHE CROSSES THAT THRESHOLD?)

  1. Wow, I actually love this… I love the silhoute, I love the modern Butterfly sleeves…. I love the inspiration, and they picked the particular Butterfly species that is named after a historical figure…. I love how they connected it to a festival… and I love that they did not incorporate any fake history…. Well researched and well executed…. even to the tiniest detail.. as in the shoes and the butterfly bracelets is genius!.. Very unified design… Nothing to edit… this is absolutely beautiful! Definitely a gorgeous costume with a hint of camp… I love it! If I have to improve the design… I would copy the silhouete and pattern of the actual Magellan’s Bird-Wing Butterfly and make it proportionately bigger than the current one but I do understand that the current execution is more practical indoors and in crowds..

    I have nothing bad to say.. definitely pinag-isipan…
    Kudos to Vicky, the glam team and specially the designer who is indeed a true artist!

    I am totaly satisfied….
    I am giving this a 10 out of 10 stars!

    • hindi naman yata talaga sya matangkad to begin with but i agree..she is very beautiful

  2. I love it. It’s unique and original. I love the design and the color combination.

  3. This is an interesting and beautiful costume….I didnt know that such species of butterfly exist and at the same time, it represents the rich culture and heritage of Negros Occidental. Good job to the one who conceptualized and created this costume! Vickie looks fresh and beautiful. I like her this way with less make up!

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