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  1. I hope they will fix the lack of transparency at the Final Show. How came the People’s Choice Award winner made it to the Final 10 without getting the 1st cut (Top 20) at the expense of the 10th placer in the preliminaries since the announcement of Final 10 went ahead without the scoring input or clear criteria in the swimsuit round? Final 5 were chosen solely on the speech without evening gown round?

  2. I view this move more as an ascendancy statement over MU, the pageant MGI obviously benchmarks. The fact that MUO has to-date has not made a formal definitive announcement of its final live in-person staging, MGI’s move seem to show the pageant community that a live on-location spectator event like a beauty pageant can now be mounted. Yes, ahead of MU and MW, the big guns in pageantry. It helps that Thailand is one country where the negative impact of this pandemic is not that pervasive. So long as the in-country health and safety protocols are observed, and candidates undergo the required PCR tests before boarding the plane to Thailand, and after disembarking from the plane in Thailand, I think the beauty pageant that we use to enjoy can now be approximated.

    • @ scorg No intent to be disrespectful, but no sharp surge/spike in the number of cases after the many anti-political rallies in BKK? Wasn’t “super-spreader”? Wow. Good for them. 🙂

      • @Flor, points well taken. But I am hopeful, the pandemic will ease off a bit in March and onwards, not just because of the vaccine, but because a lot of people have learned the efficacy of face masks, face shields, social distancing, and personal hygiene. If the spike in Thailand will continue, I’m afraid this ascendancy experiment may yet turn out to be comeuppance gone awry.

      • @ scorg And Phuket must be a safe(r) zone?… All the best, my dear sweet Angkol! 🙂

  3. Bago ang kalahatan,

    Huwag natin kalimutan ang mga rebelasyon ng panggagamit na ginawa ni Vakla kay Eva Patalinjug! Na maaari nanaman mangyari ngayong taon na’to dahil alam niya na mga uto-uto ang Sangkabaklaan pag beauty pageant na ang usapan!

    • Patalinhug’s beauty is questionable compared to those who came before her it’s just that everyone was expecting her to place. She simple does not have that “it” which Parul and Clenci have.

  4. Will Nawat pay PCR Testing during the quarantine period or Thai government will pay for it? I hope no COVID variant that will invade this pageant? Prior to Covid variant, some minor international pageants just only required negative PCR Testing?

    • @ AJ You are referring to Tamondong (Egypt) and Lucero-Sasaluya (Albania) aren’t you, po?

      Thanks for bringing this up! I was thinking about that… Nawatt Itsaragrisil, is he so well-connected in “circles-that-truly-matter” that he can do things?… That he got Pres. Maduro’s OK to bring MGI to Venezuela is remarkable enough… Did Angkol perhaps talk with the Phuket tourism bureau to get the green light? Of course, understood na may basbas na ‘yan from “higher-up’s”. Recall the story of how His Dear Sweetness offered the Gran Filipinas franchise to Governor Singson? 🙂


    • @paquita x. The purpose of 14-day quarantine for the delegates is for the virus to be contained should any delegate has it.

    • I understand the candidates will be tested before leaving from their respective countries and after arriving in Thailand. Plus another 14 days of quarantine, that will be a guarantee the candidates safety when they come face to face with one another

  6. Good thing that the candidates will undergo a 14-day quarantine procedure. If a candidate will be positive for COVID, she can still participate in the entire proceeding. A very good move by MGI.

  7. Thai food IN Thailand is HEAVEN. I was once there at around this time of the year – bugnaw kaayo (in Bangkok)! I scarfed as much tom yuen as I could, warming as it was… Being Pinoy, and what Pinoy declines a noodle dish (?!!), bulked up on pad thai. 🙂

    King Norman, ba’t ‘di pa sumabay si Boss PP? Para mairaos na ni JG si MT (MrGPhl 2021)… See earlier post, with RG.

    Kawawa’ng Valentina. Hindi pa ‘ata nakabalik ng Venezuela mula nu’ng pagkapanalo… Siguro, na-perfect niya na ang brownie recipe niya… In the meantime, MGI colleague Sam Lo won CTS 2020.

    Am looking forward to MGI’s now-trademark poolside swim desfile showdown! Imagine Bella doing a tight quadruple “hop-twist”… Angkol and the host Thais would surely adore her pedigree… If she crosses over to BBP, I will reserve the top title for someone else. She will be a future BBP-Grand!

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