10 comments on “Maria Fee Tajaran for Miss Bikini Universe 2021

  1. Omg that waist to hip ratio is insane…
    I love how the lines are so clean and tapered ..

  2. Honestly, isa sya sa mga bets ko sa MUP,ang ganda ng katawan at mukhang matangkad ,manika din mukha kaya I was so startled na hindi sya nakuha sa top 5

  3. Wow she could be a great rep for Miss Universe!I I just saw her MUP prelimenary interview and she was amazing. So surprised she did not make top 5! She looks much better than Rabiya!

  4. ‘O, ‘ah! September pa laban, pero ngayon pa lang, may pasavogue na. MBUO will be very happy!

    (Me, too.) 🙂

    Guys, kita niyo ‘yun’g Swim pasavogue ni Adline Castelino? Grabeh. Rated SPG ang arrive. As if saying, “if I don’t win MU, I will go next to MBU”. Good luck na lang, po. Kasi, last I read, her countrymen are fuming at the MBU host country for the SARS-Cov2 situation, going as far as to un-install and boycott that country’s apps…Baka maging tepid ang reception sa kanya du’n?

    Kung may Talent Preliminaries ang MBU, Tito Blogger, advise Tajaran’s handlers to watch Enrique Iglesias’ music video for “Bailamos”. She can dance LIKE THAT, with the fan… Same sultry dress.

    • To add, it may help to add to her confidence to pick up a few quick phrases and expressions in Mandarin… Maybe, Tristan Yap can help; he’s been there.

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