11 comments on “Binibini 35 and her Bb. Pilipinas National Costume

  1. Mga Vaks!

    Ano masasabi niyo sa bagong silicone ni Rabiya?

    For me, keribels lang! Kung mae-enhance ba confidence level niya, why not?

  2. Same concept and silhouette… Even the petals is not innovative… I’ve seen these combined ideas multiple times for this same theme… year after year…How about Philippine history that has not been tackled by anyone?

    Artists are suppose to be breaking glass cielings…
    It’s suppose to be exciting…
    Our National Costumes should have a balance of classic beauty, avant garde innovation and real unadulterated history & culture.

    6.5 stars for the clean flashy execution….

  3. na-observe ko lang, the creations are national costumes or provincial or home town costume?

      • @ Norman Good afternoon, Hari’ng Otits!

        Kahilingan, po, Kamahalan… 🙂

        When you post Rushton’s “farfalle” (Italian for “butterfly”), could you include TMPerez’s at MUP for comparison? Mille grazie!

      • @ Norman … Also, po, nalalapit na ang MWP 2021 Screening. Maiba naman po ng paksa, not MUP and BBP, for a change.

        Teasers on highly-probable applicants! To effectively serve as your formal endorsement… Surely, your good friend MamaRu values your input.

        I’d like those who didn’t get the chance to finish what they started at MUP – Markwalder, Vacalares, and the Fil-Egyptian Mariam (from Capiz, no?).

        In addition, tell the AP’s of Perlyn Cayona, Carol Quiza, and Noreen Mangawit to try again! 🙂

    • @ Renato You need only to refer to @ Closer2Fame’s comment (above) for the reason.

      This batch/year is turning out to be largely meh as far as NatCos is concerned. I miss the SHOCK-DELIGHT in the blog when those of E5 (Pablo Galicia Mendez III), Cat (Jearson Demavivas), and of course Gazini’s Cary Santiago “haribon” at MU2019 were discussed. 🙂

      (I hope our comments are taken by these creators as a challenge to go beyond their comfort zone. After all, as the saying goes, a mind stretched can never again be restored to its original shape.)

  4. Again, I’m sorry but ditch the train… Why not a veil instead? Embellish it with the “S” crystal. 🙂

    Essentially, a monochromatic version of Babista’s multi-colored “kiping” gown? But at least it’s red.

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