3 comments on “Pageantry Norms S3 Episode 7: Upcoming with Ricky Gumera and Charles Nathan

  1. The naughtiest episode indeed. He he. Norman had been enjoying the entire conversation.

  2. I just realized, Ser Otits, ang dami na rin’g boys na dumaan sa Q&A coaching niyo… Only a literal handful made some sort of break in show business; aside from Gumera, Saycon comes to mind. Btw, kumusta na po si Andrea Biondo? I was going over my old posts and saw that he starred in a Pizza Hut (?) TV advertisement. Was Kylie Verzosa in that, too, po?

    Fewer, still, are pageant alums who enjoy a sustained celebrity status; only Alden Richards and David Licauco come to mind. The latter tall, the former not too much (Joshua Banatin was).

    I also realized that Ricky isn’t as tall as I imagined. His Runners-up at G. CALABARZON were all taller than him! And so in Thailand. Yet, we know he held his own, of course. He seems to be the tallest in the “Dancer” cast, too. Which suggests that these guys, though clearly good-looking, aren’t exactly pageant type… For Global alone, wasn’t James Ventura our tallest? I recall you saying in the blog long ago that “Mister Philippines is 6 feet” when one of us asked how tall…

    (ALV MUST STRICTLY ENFORCE the MrWP 5’10” height minimum this time!)

    (Will Eugenes go ahead with his second attempt at Nationals? Or, will he assist GPO train his still-untested brothers – Visser, Isip, Cadorniga, and Lagura?)

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