5 comments on “Maria Carolina Vinharski of Brazil wins Miss Tourism International 2020/2021

      • @ Norman Is it that easy/simple, po?

        If the ND opts to forego participation this year (defer to a future edition), the org finds a party interested to fill in the gap, anyway kikita pa rin kasi magbabayad ng joining fee? Berco in this case and Lucero-Sasaluya in the case of (The)Globe? KF PAID for the right to send Rowee over?!!

        (I am reluctant to fall for the notion that orgs will do whatever to have a Filipina dahil lucrative ‘pag may “Filipinas” sash… I wonder if I understood this correctly…)

  1. Caught the first hour or so LIVE… Good-clear reception, despite sporadic lag. But mostly pre-recorded? I recall Mdme.CQ in the PN’s recent episode (#6) saying Cyrille’s parts were already submitted “as instructed (or something to that effect)”. I like that Tan Sri Datuk Danny Ooi made an Opening Remark, to publicly give his approval of the org’s decision to go full virtual. Congrats!

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