5 comments on “The inner Audrey Hepburn of Roxie Baeyens

  1. (Speaking of Belgium, naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g comment dati ni @ Closer2Fame na alanganin si Cucharo-Amelinckx, the other Fil-Belgian of the 2020 season, sa MW kasi galit pa ang Africans sa atrocities sa Belgian Congo. And we all know MW values its African popularity… I just got back from an early start on Spring cleaning, deleting posts no longer moving me… Among them from former FB friends, Belgian botanists who at this moment are in Africa to escape the Boreal Winter… They profess love for the STUNNING nature of the place, happy to share amongst themselves their discoveries in the field. So colonial!)

    (It was Lavinia, our @ Laila of old, who said the Boholana resembled the actress. I hope @ Cool Brew will give his opinion.)

    I hope Roxie will have a DYNAMITE show business career after her watery reign! I have in mind the undersea wedding proposal beautiful Pinoy surfer-dude Philmar Alipayo made to Fil-Austrian(/German?) actress Andi Eigenmann… Hope “Maganda” of Baguio finds her “Malakas. 🙂

    • @Flor, nope. There is no resemblance at all although both are beautiful. The late Audrey was svelte and sophisticated while Pauline tends to be on the voluptuous side and exudes a commanding presence

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