2 comments on “Binibini 32 and her Bb. Pilipinas National Costume

  1. I have seen multiple versions of this costume… and this is not the 1st one…. Well executed?.. yes…. Innovative?… meh…

    6.8 stars

  2. I prefer this to Sam B.’s warty apparition. 🙂

    BUT, ditch the shell head piece, the fish-y butterfly sleeves, and the train. STREAMLINE, please!

    Manong Tito, Barassi is from Romblon, too, no? He did Tajaran’s NatCos at MUP 2020? Was she able to promote her province’s marble, like what she said she’d do at the Preliminary Interviews? And speaking of, we also want a repeat of MBUP’s Swim shoot… (Wearing only pearls, perhaps?).

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