6 comments on “Binibini 27 and her Bb. Pilipinas National Costume

  1. I like this costume… I love the unconventional interpretation…..
    But what I don’t like is the use of these fabricated and highly Romanticized stories that they want to pass as folklore…. They may have got the names right but the story only surfaced during the Quirino admin meaning there is a great chance that it is FAKE since whoever submitted these stories did not hire archeologists and real historians to research on it…

    Anyway, beautful costume regardless of the lack of research…

    7 stars out of 10

  2. This is a craft worthy of a Best in National Costume Award!

    Pero kelan ba matatapos etong mga National Costume paandar ng Binibining Pilipinas?

    Kelan ba natin masisilayan yung mga candidates on stage?

  3. Again, as with Cenarosa, ditch the back piece, please. 🙂

    VERY NICE. Looks Claude Montana. Or ’80’s Balmain hc with sumptuous old-school embellishment that is visible even from a distance.

    (I like that frontal “puss_ piece” with wings, a’ la Whisper panty shield. Screams FEMININITY.)

    (If Jash does not nail a crown, I suggest she be appointed for the next edition of either MF or MBU, as successor to Basiano or Tajaran, respectively. Here’s a BB that sans make-up still looks pretty!)

  4. The Girl ON FIRE!!… am impressed that the costume really focused on the Wearer…Hindi nanlalamon ng nagsusuot at magaang suotin!!
    The message was Spot-on,Direct to the Point..
    …no Huge Costume props as big as the Studio needed!— the focus is towards the center– the BINIBINI!

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