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  1. dami dami korona kacheapan
    tinawahg pang Miss World Phils tapos sandamakmak ang minor crowns
    mabuti pa sa pista isang korona lang tas runners up

  2. I think the organizer of this pageant is missing the point and reason why Miss World Org ended its contract with Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc in 2010. It wanted a stand alone pageant that will solely promote the brand and advocacy of Miss World in the Philippines. But now, it even has more crowns than BBP. It stages its local pageant so close to the date of international pageants giving the winners less time to train and prepare. Yes, the organizers may think that it’s giving more opportunities for the girls but it also has to consider the quality than the quantity. Our representatives need enough time to prepare and study the pageants they will be sent to. They also need to have ample time to rest for their physical and mental health.

    • oo nga…i heard stories of Wynwyn and Alyssa na kakapanalo palang nila, sabak na agad sa RHA. Kung sana daw may enough time, natuto pa sila ng spanish. Buti na lang well trained and prepared na si Wynwyn before pa sumali sa MWP.

    • @ Kim Jae-Kyu You know what country national org has a good non-MU portfolio? 🙂

      Miss Nepal has World, International, Earth, and Supranational!

      • That’s why Nepal has good standing in Miss World these past years. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ll have their Miss World in the coming years. Soon, Indonesia and Thailand may also have theirs too.

    • Bat naman ang France and South Africa, nasa kanila ang Miss World and Miss Universe franchise OK naman si Mamang Julia

      • @ PAQUITA X The winners of both Nationals go to MW, not MU (which is secondary). Same din ‘yata with Russia? As a general rule, a Runner-up is sent to MU.

        Possible din kaya na may politics?

        Pero kung ako ang boss ng Multinational, considering my brand is but fifth in ALV’s hierarchy (with World, Eco-International, Eco-International Teen, Supranational, and RHA ahead of me), kakausapin ko na si Boss FY (Mutya) for 2022… I want Mdme. CQ’s classiness to rub off on me. If I may add, puwede’ng-puwede siguro si Noreen Victoria Mangawit for WTM, as successor to April May Short! 🙂

        (Because if Boss ALV will merely use his pageant as an “artista search”, hindi maiiwasan’g may bias… Refer to your own comment below, po. And this Screening runs the risk of being little more than a recruitment blitz for fillers. Albeit fresh ones, as their Impressum goes…)


    • if MW will feel that Supra will be given more importance and attention than their pageant, they might find another local franchise for MWP just like what they did with BPCI. It may happen as Supra is more exciting than MW. It keeps on getting better each year. Pageant fans are beginning to love it.

  4. ang dami naman ng 8 crowns ha ha ha. koronahan nalang nila lahat ng candidates nila. ha ha ha

    • Tapos yung Top 10 may korona na agad paano kaya ang deliberation na magaganap may ranking ba or hierarchy yung mga crowns.

  5. It is good to know that MWP Org has tentative schedule of events. I hope everything will push through.

  6. Sana matuloy na ‘yang MPT tie-up with the DOT. That can be Cortesi! Imagine the July 2021-to-22 MWP calendar with her posing amidst GLORIOUS coastlines and falls of the country!

    MoF also conducted their 2016* prelims a’ la TV show, with trips to John Robert Powers (Roshon Barmann was late) for training on runway, dinner etiquette, and power dressing for guys… Recent editions focused on making guys conscious on the importance of dermal care (sherep pala sina Bonjour, Tommy, at Yas tuwing nagri-ritwal sa bathroom). 🙂

    Mr. Tinio, yaman rin lang at matutuloy na ang Ms. Eco this March, wouldn’t Dr. Rezk be open to kicking off the inaugural male counterpart para sabay na, parang Supra? Kahit sampu (10) lang muna, as a start. Sayang naman si Robin Hanrath. Unless fully served na contract niya…

    I can SO imagine Perlyn Cayona, Carol Quiza, and Noreen Victoria Mangawit showing up again at the Screening! And Blogger will once again say “kilala ko kalahati ng mga nandito” (lolz). But their genuine sweetness will surely floor GPVL and will be perfect antidote to the fierceness of Jihane.

    (* – My sentimental fave from that batch was a Pinoy beaut from Bulacan, played guitar. Had a cutey nerd appeal nicely harmonizing with his stocky torso. Yummy. Like the sweets in that province.)

    • … Ta’s, po, please ask MamaRu, shouldn’t it be Lakambini (NOT Mutya) & Lakan of San Pablo?

      MAGANDA si Ms. Cocofest 2021, Floriane Lajara (#12)! Best in Swimwear, pa. Future MPE siya!

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