2 comments on “Pageantry Norms Season 3, Episode 6 Teaser

  1. First PN’s episode for 2021, right Mr. Norman? Also happens to be the Orthodox Christian New Year. 🙂

    Finally! Hope to get updates on MWP & Mutya roadmap for 2021. And, siyempre, update on the Peters-Villafuerte nuptials. Pakitanong po kung ilan’g beybi ang plano nila…

    (… Rachel & Migz, not Cory & Arnold.)

    (Pa-regards po kay Boss Fred Yuson. Another pageant boss cutey.)

    • Good evening, Tito Tinio. I caught E6 on YouTube. Mygawsh, parang kailan lang ‘yung E1 with the ME 2020 winners… Next week, E7 na; time really flies, doesn’t it? I clocked in fifteen minutes late and so missed Rachel’s narration of her rescue deed. I’ll just watch the full video again eventually.

      (Parang alam ko na kung sino ‘yung isa’ng hari’ng guest… Hihihihhh…. Dancer siya?)

      Mdme. CQ is really classy! I recall Hector Joaquin Colon Gonzales said how utterly charmed he was with her, as she spoke perfect Spanish (when he was featured by Delfin Lara on CBS).

      EIGHT (8) titles at MWP 2021?!! Ang dami. Parang ang turbid/muddy na ng branding nila. 😦

      Please advise Rachel that public service is no joke. It requires the keenest instincts as far as feeling the popular pulse and forging strategic alliances is concerned. If her interest is stoked, is it a good idea for her to take those governance crash courses that noob politicians sign up in? In any case, why not eventually invite Amanda Chalisa to visit CamSur to help push the Caramoan Peninsula’s tourism thrusts? Wasn’t this where a season of “Survivor France” was shot, po?

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