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  1. Hi tito Norms! once again, I enjoyed watching your interview. You’re really fun to watch especially when you draw out from them BTS experiences of pageants etc. These are things I look forward to since it makes them more relatable to us. Most memorable for me was when you had Ms. Desiree Verdadero who shared why she was in front during the opening number of Miss U 84 etc….Thank you, tito Norms! May I suggest if you can ask pageant fans, who they want to be featured this 2021 on your next interviews…just a suggestion…thank you again and more blessings for you this 2021…stay safe!

  2. FLOR as usual tayong tatlo na naman ni Fabian Reyes ang nagbabalitaktakan dito. Nasaan na ang isa nating friend? Bumalik na ba sa South Africa? By the way Flor, si Serge ba ay schoolmate mo rin? Just asking. Thanks my dear

  3. FIRST, the good/positive things with Rachel Peters.

    RACHEL PETERS HAS the BEST BODY FORM among the Miss Universe Philippines winners in the last decade (2010-2019). She has also one of the PRETTIEST FACES (very Miss Universe) among the 10 (Venus-Gazini) and I rank her only SECOND to Shamcey. The girl is also blessed with excellent communication skills and a very high proficiency in conversational English (FAR BETTER than that of PIA). She is relatable, a bit charismatic and (I would like to believe) has a NICE personality.

    SECOND, the problems. NAPUNTA sya sa KF CAMP. KF DOES NOT HAVE EXPERTISE of training girls for MU. Her designer DID NOT also have the expertise of dressing up a beauty contender. AKALA ko ang KANYANG NATIONAL COSTUME ay ang latest DESIGN for the upcoming DARNA series on TV. Both her evening gowns in Bb. Pilipinas and MU were just so-so (almost boring) and lacked the WOW factor. Rachel ‘s BACK STORY VIDEO was too personal and lacked the social & advocacy elements. She could have made it into a social & environmental advocacy.

    LASTLY, many pageant fans/critics BELIEVE that RACHEL DID NOT HAVE the “FIRE” to win. In other words, she DID NOT HAVE the WILL & DETERMINATION of Catriona & Pia. She was just there in MU to represent the country and not really to win. It was as well evident that Rachel’s level of confidence was much affected when she was not called as one of the top 5 in Asia-Africa Region. I think she was not fully prepared psychologically & emotionally to win the crown.

    The NIGHT was reserved for a Peters – Demi Leigh Peters. But I would have loved (MU 2017)) if Rachel and Maria were Demi’s runners up rather those (TOO) favored girls from Colombia & Jamaica. YAW2X NA LANG TA ANI KAY PART naman ng history.

    • @ paul Peaceful 2021, Dude! 🙂

      You would like to believe she has a nice personality? You didn’t watch the video, did you? And the title of this episode is “Favorite Pageant Personalities”. Mr. Tinio said as much – “mabibilang sa daliri ng isa’ng kamay ang mga pinaka-paborito ko’ng beauty queens (something to that effect)”.

      • FLOR I DIDN’T. He, he, he… HAGO KAAYO MAGTANA-AW ug LONG VIDEO unya MOST PARTS WALAY PULOS. Happy, healthy and prosperous new to you Flor!

    • Rachel is shy . Cat is shy too but she can fake it to make it look like she is the most sociable pageant girl.
      Pia speaks and writes really good English …… considering she grew up poor In the Philippines. Among our homegrown MUPs, I think Pia has the best command in Tagalog and English. That’s why she won MU and the others didnt.

      • @ Fabian Reyes I SO LOVE Pia’s unpretentious and utterly-down-to-earth spirit! 🙂

        I caught a segment of her Missosology interview. The hosts were delighted with her frankness.

        But it’s obvious, like you said before, the ladies are of disparate personalities. Let us let them be.

        They have different callings now.

    • @ serge I disagree. Rachel Peters isn’t MU material. She is different stuff altogether. 🙂

      Rachel Peters is “elite soldier” type. Doesn’t overthink, jumps in. On the way, realizes she could lose her own life saving another. But, her MIND OVERCOMES HER SENSES, realizes what she must do to save that life while preserving her own, calms down, blocks out all distraction, executes with semi-automatic rifle precision, then leaves quietly with no trace of her deed left to attract sharks and the shark-like.

      THIS is the gal Migz fell for! He is very lucky, indeed.

      (I doubt a beauty kween can possess such mental strength. Because as we always see, this business of pageantry is all too deliberate, contrived, bordering on formulaic. Not street enough.)

      Also, we see now very clearly the management styles of Mdme’s. CQ, SMA (even though RV is absent), and ALV (through MamaRu). Very clear their respective approach to capture market share. Neither is better than the other, only that customers have a choice whom to give their business to… JG is an altogether different kind of manager, of course. But that’s another post…

  4. The 3 guests are breath of fresh air amidst the pandemic. I love their optimism. Rachel Peters is a real-life hero. I did not realize until I watched this blog that she knew from the very start that Saving a man from near-drowning could cost her life. compassion and adrenaline were within her during that very moment. I salute to her.

    • And to think that Rachel’s beloved dog passed away earlier on the same date before the saving of the drowning man took place.

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