6 comments on “Ethereal: Miss Universe Philippines National Director Shamcey Supsup Lee

  1. One of the best Miss Philippines we’ve had! I could still remember the excitement she generated while competing in Brazil. I like how she has transformed since her binibini days.

  2. As per earlier post on MK 2021, “… Danna Joy Tempra will now get the chance to represent her province at a national pageant to be announced soon”.

    I knew it!… I (just) wasn’t expecting the “announcement” to come so soon after. (Hihihihh…)

    And NOT in this manner.

    I’m quite sure Mdme.SSL would have personally graced the Final had it not been for the pandemic.

    (Means MKO has taken franchise for MUP! For how many years kaya? And if MisOr will host…)

  3. My next fave after Catriona. But big question, bakit ka nagpagamit kay Evil Jonas? Urgh!

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