19 comments on “Binibini 26 and her Bb. Pilipinas National Costume

  1. This is made of indigenous materials?! if that is at least 50% true then I am still amazed….
    I can see the banig there…. I love the advocacy and inspiration … with no fake history included…
    Beautiful design and well executed… I have seen similar design and silhouette before worn by past queens but this one so far is the best execution so far…

    Hands Down… 9.9 STARS… highest rating I have ever givin for this year’s batch so far.

    • 9’9 , are u serious C2f? Lol
      It looks like crumpled paper to me . I think l it’s have been the worse costume shown so far

      • Sobra ka naman, well kanyakanyang opinion naman yan and for me, you are one of the person na may bad taste.

      • @ Fabian Reyes I can see where you’re coming from.

        Though I liked it at once, at the back of my mind I was saying, “this shouldn’t work, but it does!”. That’s the beauty of it, the execution as @C2F said. 🙂

        I suggest you look at photos of young (sub-adult) specimens of Tridacna gigas (giant clam), to take away the “crumpled paper” feel, and so get hold of something just a bit romantic. Yes, the epaulets could be smaller. But that would lessen the impact, they being the only element balancing out/offsetting the full-frilly skirt.

      • @Fabian Reyes

        We are all entitled to our own opinion…
        I’d love to insert a shady comment here but I’m just too nice to even care… 🤣

      • @ Ram Thanks for sharing the video! 🙂

        OMGosh, it looks cumbersome in the flesh, pala… It’s easily at least five (5) kilograms; the “banig” panels alone would be considerable in that regard. Buti na lang, the weight of that collar crest seems evenly distributed across her shoulders.

        Herein lies the CHALLENGE – to make costumes that while big in size are still light and flexible enough to permit easy-free movement. I assume the frame is in bamboo, though. Or, is it wire?

      • OA. May nauna lang kasing nag-comment ng pinakamataas na rating, kaya kontra na lang sya para mas mapansin.

    • The ever OA commenter closer to fame strikes again. As if naman ng mamatter ang opinion nya haha. Pinagtatawanan lang sya ng ibang readers dito for being so OA at feeling matalino. Jusko ang spelling and grammar mo po haha

      • @Baby Nica

        Thanks for noticing… Hahaha Don’t be too threatened… You will always be the biggest bitter bitch in this blog.. 🙂 Yow welcum…

  2. Beautiful natcos with creative representation and impressive background. Best I’ve seen from this Binibini batch to date, not to mention that I’ve seen a lot of amazing designs with this year’s Binibini. This one for me stands out and should be celebrated internationally. Great job!

  3. Oh my… ganda ng natcos nya! Good job mga designers-Ferdinand Macoy Elipane and Mr. Oplong Mejia Paras🇵🇭👏👏👏Hand claps para sa ganitong natcos.

  4. Bongga! Although the top portion reminds me of the female private part. Yun lang.

    • @ kevinkevins Since “banig” material siya, malamang beige-neutral/natural-brown, BRAVO.

      I like it, too. It all comes together, just right. Even the crown-hairstyle! 🙂

      OK, so far I like this, Basiano, 2M, Cenarosa, Obenita, Rona, Parrenas… If I recall, means WOW.

    • Wow! Ito ang pinakaaabangan kong costume! After Emma Tiglao’s this is the next costume that will make every capampangan to be proud of. Napakahusay, napakalinis and wow, it is made by the Aetas and that is something to be different from other costumes. Congrats to the designers!

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