4 comments on “Binibini 11 and her Bb. Pilipinas National Costume

  1. Sya na ang tinakda para masungkit na Ng pagpagland ang gintong korona Ng angkol. Most beautiful costume of bbp 2020 .sa mga lumabas
    As much as I want mau to be mip . Better send her sasure win na pageant . Bet na bet na bet sya at di na kailangan natin sumipsip w a purpose

  2. Beautiful, intricate, relevant….

    And the historical background info is quite accurate except he did not mention the fact that Batangas’s foreign relations was far earlier than the 14th Century and the Lakanates/RaJanates was under an empire that was built based on alliances due to intermarriage.

    I wish her shoes was also designed in connection to the theme and not just another nude platform…

    But over all a Job well done!
    9.5 stars!!!!

    • @ Closer2Fame Or, better yet, barefoot. Or, those strap-y sandals Janet Jackson wore in her music video for “Runaway”. Where she leaps from the WTC, to the Statue of Liberty, to the Taj Mahal, to the Pyramids at Giza, to Duomo Sao Basiliu in the Kremlin (right, no?), etc…, etc… 🙂

  3. You do NOT question Nick Guarino. N-E-V-E-R.

    THIS IS C-R-A-F-T-S-M-A-N-S-H-I-P.

    He is the ONLY ONE who can elbow Edwin Uy when it comes to NatCos.

    I would so show this at MU! Sans the loincloth, though.

    Bakit ba ang hilig pasuotin ng “bahag” ang mga dilag? Ano ‘to? A closeted “Darna” fetish? (Groan!)

    I was proven wrong. I said 2M’s would be a flop. Touche’… 🙂

    THIS is what I mean! Kahit intricate, SCALE is such that even from afar, you SENSE the detail.

    (Boss Nick made Tristan Yap’s GORGEOUS head piece for Ms&MrChPhl 2020, btw.)

    I got the same feeling as Sam B.’s “tandikan” in BBP 2019. WUNDERSCHON. (Two “.’s” on the “o”.)

    Sige. Abesamis for BBP-Grand 2020. 2M will be her 2021 successor. Tell Angkol to adjust age ceiling to accommodate… (I will assume Sam Hashimoto’s bestie will over-age soon.)

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