7 comments on “Gabrielle Basiano: Fashionably Hungry

  1. Her third picture with the fierce stare scream contravida vibe!!! Love it! We now have found our new contravida girl! Haha

  2. One of my favorites to win Bb crown or to land runner up placement. She has this fierce look because of the shape of her eyebrows and this contributes to her being more modelisque.

  3. Her face screeeeaam— CONTRAVIDA in a NICE WAY!!— She’s a tall,Modelisque,snobbish Glamazona!— fit for a Teleserye!!…although,we all know she can be bubbly and a naive “probinsyana” if she so chooses!.. Gabrielle(5’9″)and Hannah(5’11”),both Beautiful and Statuesque have the cards in them to
    snatch thw BB.PILIPINAS-Ms.International title!!.. Stella Aranete luuved Mestizas and Loooonnng- legged beauties for Ms.International.

  4. hmmmmm…. the photographer must have instructed her to look pissed….
    but she looked gorgeous anyway….

    may hawig talaga sya kay Senyora Santibanez.. mukha syang mang ngungudngod sa putikan…

    i love that shes so long and leggy

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