2 comments on “Binibini 4 and her Bb. Pilipinas National Costume

  1. Wow pinag isipan talaga ni Chico Estiva ang post….
    I’m speechless…
    beautiful design as well despite the bad lighting….

    Trivia: The Santo Nino de Tondo Church was built exactly on top of where the original House of Lakan Dula used to be…. Meanwhile, the battle of Bangkusay was led by his sons and nephews… Coincidentaly… Patrizia Garcia’s ancestry includes Lakan Dula, Raja Matanda, Rajah Sulayman, Gat Mai-tan and Limahong.

    Execution and beauty of design is 8 stars,, but because of the designer’s well researched anecdote….. I’m giving this 9.8 stars… the highest points I have ever given this year.
    You are welcome!

  2. Nope.

    This coned-fluted full skirt is SO TIRED. My gosh, there are even YouTube tutorials on it. 😦

    Little more than a colorful version of Tiglao’s “putih” at BBP 2019, that one fashioned by “cabalen”.

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