11 comments on “Chelsea Fernandez is gunning for Miss Bikini Philippines

  1. I can see a potential winner for Miss Universe Philippines. She is tall 5′ 6″ talented, beautiful and great communication skill.

  2. She is so gorgeous. i think that her joining MBP is a demotion from MEP. She should have joined MWP.

    • @ bonsaihater Honga. Parehas ng hulma. Oval face. Emphasis on EYES. Kahit si Tajaran (refer to MBUP previous post)! I wonder now if THIS is THE make-up trajectory for 2021 – grey eye shadow, like a smokey Stefhany… Kung sa bagay, PANTONE(r)’s other color for 2021 is grey. 🙂

  3. Beautiful… She looks like a hot sexy manikin…
    That waist to hip ratio is perfection… and I love how her tiny waist tapers to her hips and shoulders….

    I can see the next Ms.Supranational or Miss Grand International.

  4. It’s always nice seeing a pageant girl confident in wearing regular heels and not some tacky chunky platforms of the 2010s 👏

    • @ Raf The chunky platform is apparently like rubber shoes – providing both cushioning and traction when romping-tearing down the runway/stage. For this reason, they have persisted and in fact are standard issue in pageant training camps; the ladies hone their paces in them! 🙂

      (I forgot where I learned this from. But it was relatively recent…)

      But yes. For glam shots (such as these) and formal receptions/parties, regular heels pa rin.

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