9 comments on “A fresh start for 2021 with our Ambassador for Tourism

  1. Definitely Pauline is an MI material. Meanwhile, I would like to see Bella Ysmael clinch MW. It’s been 7 years since Meagan won.

  2. My peripheral vision noticed a beautiful girl with her parents having breakfast on New Year’s Day at the Marea Restaurant at Bellevue Resort while in a rush to meet the Resort’s GM. Only when the GM asked me if I had seen Pauline did I turn around but too late, they were already on their way back to their suite room. She did respond when I posted about it in my FB.

    Happy new year everyone from Bohol.

  3. She would do well at BBP. Easy front runner status and with the gift of gab she can easily nail the Q&A.

  4. A fresh start ? Does that mean she’s joining a new pageant .. maybe MWP ?

    • @ Fabian Reyes Top 5 have a two (2)-year contract with MUP, if I’m not mistaken. And, I saw “info” somewhere that a a third attempt at the Nationals (Mutya being the first) will be in 2022, which nicely corresponds with that contract ending, if ever… 🙂

      • Two year contract? That’s too long. What if the girls wanted to join again do they have to relinquish their runner up titles??? Lol…do they even make money having this contract for two years?

      • @ Ver Apparently patterned after MUT. Notice, too, how Paweensuda (2017) and Praveenar (2018) re-joined in 2019 and 2020, respectively…

        Technically, if they wish to “get out” earlier, it’s probably at the discretion of MUPO. Yes, relinquish their title and EVERYTHING that comes with it. Or, maybe at least whatever is the remainder/unfinished/un-served portion… Bear in mind, too, that our @ unorthodox said there’s a non-disclosure clause — kaya nga hindi na naisiwalat ni Lemon ang sangkap ng tsa-a niya. 🙂

        Will Cucharo-Amelinckx and the rest make money until October 2022? That will depend on the projects and bookings MUPO is able to get… The brief hosting stint with Willie Revillame (courtesy of FrontRow) was one. Let’s see what else is in store.

        (Which reminds me, Telle’s calendar should be out by now! You like gin, po? Buy GSM para tulong na rin natin sa MUPO. As Boss MG explained before, by patronizing their sponsors, we help galvanize the brand partnerships put in place. And ensure the life of MUP! So, buy the merch, po.)

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