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  1. MU2021 is looking like owned by the European beauties this year … France, Romania, Czech Rep and I think Russia will send the beautiful Alina Sanko, … there are others in Latin America who have high potential, Mexico, Chile, Peru,… but Asia is not far behind, Cambodia, India, Philippines… but I think it will be given to Europe for 2021…. (if only Belarus would join too)

    • @ jaretwrightlover If a European wins, I doubt “Americanos” wll complain. ‘Yun lang, is there sufficient domestic interest within the continent to pull in money for MUO? I think Iris was a flop…

      Ang akin lang, at yaman rin lang at mukha’ng may transitioning ng ownership ng brand, maaari’ng magbalik sa PROVEN formula of FACIAL BEAUTY na universally acceptable. “Back-to-basics”, ‘ika nga. @ Fabian Reyes keeps emphasizing this.

      Adline Castelino needs to be mindful of her eyes (in terms of make-up), kasi pansin ko parang may times na mukha’ng dark just below, na as if puyat siya… But who among the Indian queens is a GREAT beauty (like the generally-mentioned Fedorova, Hawkins, and Glebova)? Sen? Dutta?

      Cambodia and Romania will be OK to debut in the First Cut (Top 20?), considering speculation the Continental format will not be implemented this time. If there’s anybody to FINALLY do it for their respective countries, it’s Bianca and Sarita; kailan pa ulit may daraan na tulad nila? 🙂

      I am still thinking TELEMUNDO; a Latina will win again. Safe move. After all, MUO needs cash.

  2. Guys, GREAT news (if OT).

    Klara Vavruskova, THE BEAUTY, is MUC(zechia) 2020.


    YA-AA-ASSS!!! May Vavruskova, Tirsin, at Maceta-del Castillo. Dapat, talaga, si Kunsorntornrut na lang ang MUT… I feel Chalisa O will meet the same fate as our Gazini – “kukulangin ng gasolina”, in the words of our dear Mr. Tinio. MU 2020 is looking more and more like an “All-Star” edition!

  3. Eto daw kasi concept nung pictorials na yan!

    Kakanta daw siya dapat ng ganito,

    You only see what your eyes want to see
    How can life be what you want it to be?
    You’re frozen
    When your heart’s not open
    You’re so consumed with how much you get
    You waste your time with hate and regret
    You’re broken
    When your heart’s not open
    Mmm mmm mmm
    If I could melt your heart
    Mmm mmm mmm
    We’d never be apart
    Mmm mmm mmm
    Give yourself to me
    Mmm mmm mmm
    You hold the key


    • @ Fabian Reyes You know who could (also) make a great Bond girl, and filmed in her country?


      Saritha Reth, MUC(ambodia). Plot to revolve around still-unearthed land mines, hold-overs from the PP (I don’t think it’s polite to spell out the name?) regime, set against the French colonization era and Khmer GORGEOUS architecture mingling with sleek-shiny skyscrapers of modern trade liberalization…

    • Hello? If only her acting is not mediocre. Ang bagay Mag bond girl ay mga Mercedes Cabral etc yung walang away na pinay beauty na magaling umarte. No to mestiza actresses representing the Philippines

      • Ang Bond girl dapat sosyal.No offense to Mercedes Cabral .
        But yes , Pia needs to do a lot of training when it comes to acting .

  4. These are, chameleons. Photographs that send meanings, artistry and depths.
    Might be overbearing for some, but that’s the intent of the handlers, of the publication:
    to expound, to embellish, to exaggerate, to complicate.

    There’s nothing wrong with simplicity, but simplicity need to be clean, raw, fresh but with
    tangibility and connection. Something that sends subtle messages.

  5. The fourth one is the most intriguing and yet it still has the essence of Pia. It is an Asian in the dessert. The meaning is so complex while showcasing Pia. It is a picture that tells a lot of stories.

    • Asian, Gothic, Maria Clara in the dessert. Feminine, mysterious.

      The fourth one is unique. The other shots are already familiar. It will just disappear with other magazines on the newsstand.

  6. I like the 3rd one. She looks like a stylish Bedouin woman. Very middle eastern. Pia in these photographs remind me of Queen Rania of Jordan, pretty and stylish.

  7. I like the third one, where she’s perched on the rock, long-range shot. She reminds me of Madonna in the “Frozen” music video.

    I like the shoes in the fifth (last) one, though. Looks like the pair Lady Gaga wore in her “Bad Romance” music video.

    Herr Tito, will the “ube-macapuno” color fixation for Fall-Winter 2020-21 (used to heady effect in the first and last photos) end with the advent of Spring (Lunar New Year of the Metal Ox)? PANTONE(r) has declared grey and yellow (a shade named “Illuminating”) as the colors of the year. I think “Illuminating” and “Ube” could still work in sacred union, as they are complementary on the color wheel; just look at how the coolness of violet table grapes LOVINGLY temper the bright warmth of ripe bananas! That fruit bowl can be in grey – metal! Please confirm the feng-shui suitability of this idea with your contacts at Ms&MrCPhl, po. Btw, how are Cassie and Justin doing? 🙂

    (… Could we see ROM in a couture pantsuit in yellow & grey, too, before she departs for MU?)

    • Uhmm,… Sorry, guys. Not Lady Gaga. Iris Van Herpen “Sensory Seas” from last year. 🙂

      • Buti nalang talaga nanalo si Pia sa Miss universe because I am certain that she won’t do well as a character actress. Despite being a favorite of mister M, her acting career did not flourish if you compare it to her batchmate Bea Alonzo. Perhaps, she’ll be like Pauline na side character always or even that other lady who’s now in the states. I love pia as a beauty queen but her movie with Gerald Anderson is so cringy.

      • @ Neha Dupia I think, to be a character thespian, you’d have to be a bit loony. Or at least mentally fast. Robin Williams came to mind. So did Cate Blanchett. Not stereotypical-safe-sterile.

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