5 comments on “From Phenomenal Woman to Miss Bikini Universe Philippines

  1. Very pretty, seductive and sexy
    Happy to know that she will compete internationally

  2. If Harlijk Mirasol is smart, the org will consider coordinating with Boss PIR so latter’s pageant will not simply be another Nationals obscured in ambiguity.

    HAPPY to know Doctora Adee will coach Tajaran for the Interviews/Public Speaking! 🙂

    September pa? PLENTY of time to prepare. Am so excited for Romblon; it’s their time in the sun.

    Guys, watch Gionnyscandal’s music video for “Buonanotte”. And see where the poolside inspiration for these photos might have come from. LOVE the embellished white socks, too.

    ‘ETO ANG AABANGAN KO’NG PAGEANT FOR 2021. Aside, of course, from MI (in Yokohama City pa rin, Admin?). Boss Blogger, is the China-based MBUO the same one that conferred 1st Runner-up status to Basiano at MFI? And for that matter, may “aviso” na ba si Angkol kung kailan ang kanya, po? 2M won’t na, kasi nakapuwesto na si Abesamis… 2M’s options are getting thin…

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