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  1. What i like about this girl is that despite of the pandemic she still did a lot of charity works in line with her advocacy. This showed how true she is with her advocacy. So I really want her to win a crown this time. Go Vickie! rooting for you!!!

  2. @Flor

    Actually, Vickie isn’t in my winners’ circle. I just think na the org will give her a crown regardless if she deserves it or not. Also, I prefer the 2019 Hannah. It seems like she lost her spark.
    International – Mendoza or Basiano
    Grand International – Montagne or Mendoza or Bernardo
    Intercontinental – Basiano or Montagne or Mendoza
    Globe – Bernardo or Cartasano

    Vickie is overrated. Personally, I think she deserved the Intercontinental crown over Karen in 2018. Let’s all admit na kahit sinong ipadala natin that year, makukuha ang international crown. Don’t get me wrong, Karen deserved the Miss Intercontinental crown, but not the Binibining Pilipinas – International crown.

    Vickie is pretty, but that’s all she can offer.

    • @ Anonymous Karen Laurrie is surely flattered by your clear support. 🙂

      Honeeeeeyyy… (with a tune in my head)… would be a able to pick up from where Roweeeee…. (still that same tune)… left off? Kung sa bagay, the Head-to-Head Challenge at (The)Globe does not seem as daunting as Suprachat (but that’s ALV’s problem now). SAYA ng Swim nila! Go over to their page and watch the footage/videos; the scoring was very frank, and very much in real-time.

      Rushton over Gallman in 2018? Sige. Pero, Gallman sa (The)Globe. Gumabao ang Runner-up.

      • @Flor

        (That was supposed to be Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental)

        Anyways, for me, Karen didn’t deserve any crown that night. Her amswer was a mess. Parang, ano ba point niya? In my opinion, this should’ve been the winners’ circle.
        Universe – Gray
        International – Manalo
        Supranational – Huelar
        Grand International – Gumabao
        Intercontinental – Rushton
        Globe – Buot
        Not really sold with Eva’s memorized answer. But past is past. HAHAHAH. My point is, 2018 was Vickie’s time, not 2019, not 2020/2021.

  3. Parang kahit mag kimono hairstyle ito sa Finals ng MI i think may chance pa rin if ipadala ni madamme.

  4. Simply beautiful.
    The flowerettes make the facial presentation fresh and beautiful.
    Just a simple hair brush and pull back made it more natural.

  5. Happy New Year Guys!
    Ibigay na talaga sa kanya ng MIO. Facially upgrade sa current MI winner. Yes Laking advantage ang comm skills but MIO is not a quizbee type basta galing sa puso. may sincerity. pak sa panelist. pasok o panalo ka! May chance talaga sya. Just a question sir @norman and guys. Do you want MI to have Final Q&A to determine the winners? Pero may speech pa din ang top 15/16 of course. For me. No!

    • Galing sa puso? Pero yung question niya nung 2019 na related sa advocacy niya di niya masagot? Kung galing sa puso kahit ano pa nakita niya that night, masasagot niya tanong niya. Mas maraming deserving kesa sa kanya. Miss Globe!

      • @ Anonymous Talaga, po? Siya. Basta gusto ni Nias Pilar… Pero, ‘yun nga, si Hannah daw.

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