11 comments on “Miss Earth Water 2020 Roxie Baeyens

  1. Mr. Tinio, could you serve as over-all Coordinator for a Santacruzan/Flores de Mayo mid-2021, assuming that by then more or less pupuwede na?

    As consort for Baeyens, him who like her was 1st Runner-up at his Internationals. I am, of course, referring to MCTU in Myanmar for her. The Ginoo is not so tall that he would look like a tower beside her, cute, loves basketball, in YUMMY shape, very kind-if-perhaps-meek, and best of all hails from the town right next to her home city (Yup! THAT town with strawberry fields…). Kung gusto mo, isali mo siya sa “Kings and I” episode ng PN’s S3. 🙂

    And while you’re at it, pag-partner-in mo sa hypothetical religious parade na ‘to ‘yun’g dalawa’ng nag-absent, one due to work (the Mutya-TMotW who semi-final’ed in Egypt) and the other due to an athletic meet (the untested finalist at MrGrandP from Ormoc City whom you want to try for MrWP and which @ Closer2Fame is endorsing for same campaign).

  2. oh why she’s way beautiful and fresh here compare to the finals night?

    if she is taller, pwede sa MUP.

    • Oh why she’s short? How tall is she? Also when they register some of these candidates heights they tend to add more heights on them. When you see shamcey and the rest of the winners of the recent Miss Universe Philippines group picture, only Michelle G, looks really tall and the rest of the girls are at least 3-4 inches shorter than her.

      • Hi ver in MEP walang dagdag bawas ang height and she is listed at 5″4. Yes Michelle is just 175cm and she is towering to her runner ups. Which make me think that Billie is atleast 5″7 and the rest is 5″5-5″6 1/2 maybe Pauline 5″5 Bella and rabiya.

  3. LOVE that color (of the gown)!

    ‘Oh, ‘di bala? Mas gandara with her natural raven locks? Never again, that MV(ietnam) shade!

    Looks like the bride of Neptune, no? 🙂

    Even the crown. Spot on! If the “Filipina” will be re-designed, it MUST be in THIS direction.

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