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    • @ Ramon Lua Now that you mentioned it, Cinderella Obenita and Ana Monica Tan seem tall.

      But, yeah. Previous batch(es) sila… Of this batch,… may mga clearly small… Even Caroline (though with the other org) was among the “petites” of MUP… And kung MPE at MMP ang franchises na kinuha nila (MKO) could mean they cater to a wider demographic of the province.

      (That being said, do the taller girls gravitate to Davao Region? As with Ticaro, Ahmed, Malinao, & Castro Klyza?)

  1. Isang manigong bagong taon sa iyo Flor. Thank you for mentioning (and recognizing) my thought on regional/city wide beauty contests here in Mindanao. (specifically in the Davao Region).

    Mutya ng Davao which is held annually during the Araw ng Davao celebration (March) is CLOSELY GUARDED by the City’s GAD Office (the head is a friend of mine). There are a NUMBER of restrictions which include among others the NO SWIMSUIT POLICY. I have observed that the organizers (under the city government) have not been showing interest (for more than three decades) in sending candidates to the national level mainly because the LGU (& that FAMOUS family) are not supportive/interested/keen of the idea.

    Secondly, the HIYAS ng KADAYAWAN (every August) is a unique type of beauty/personality contest is participated by the representatives of the 13/14 tribes of the City of Davao. The winner is NOT necessarily the MOST beautiful among the participants and many of them cannot meet the height requirements of the national beauty contests. Unique ika nga.

    Majority of the regional/provincial/city or town based beauty pageants here in Mindanao are held NOT for the purpose of sending representatives to the national level BUT rather done as KALINGAWAN
    (for joy and fun). AKO Flor pinagsawaan ko na ang manood ng local beauty contests. Nakakapagod. Laging matagal magsimula at madaling araw ka na makakauwi. Are they worth watching? My answer is NO. Pasensya na.

    Happy new year to ALL!

    • @ paul Mishu, dear. Here’s baci… MWAH! 🙂

      General Appropriations Division? Ibig sabihin, hindi na mainit sa COA, right?

      I recall one trip I made to Davao City in March. I asked about durian but was told by my host that August is the best time, and concurrently with the “Dayao” feasting. Interestingly, your Mar-&-Aug festivities roughly coincide with the Philippine Orchid Society show seasons – the Spring Show in late Feb to early Mar which highlights the fragrant “sanggumay” and the ethereal “mariposa”, and that one from late Aug to early Sept, late Summer to early Fall, which showcases what else but the GRANDEST in-season local species, your “waling-waling”; it was at such a show that the Puentespinas prove to one and all their mastery of this “beast” (which I like to call it).

  2. When Norman posted this on IG, napaisip ako? Kinunan ba sila ng nakatayo o nakahiga?

    Then nag-sink in na nakahiga otherwise mga buhok nila hindi lalatag!

    I love the concept!

    Dito mo rin makikita na regional pageant pa lang, pang-National level na ang calibre ng mga candidate as well as the presentation! Kung lahat ba naman ng regional pageant eh ganito kagaling, mahirap i-defeat ang Filipinas pag isinabak na sa international stage ang winner! Grabe seguro sponsor ng pageant na’to to have a glamshot like that!

  3. I recall (now) that @ paul said (Nationals-qualifier) pageants are not popular in his Davao Region (for whatever reason)… Does that mean MKO can offer a MM(indanao) franchise, so providing a forum for the island’s best to showcase its “wares”?

    Still, Alturas of Talisayan for me. 🙂

    They are “modelling with every cell of her body”, as Davonna Finley said of Nina Macalino’s swim contribution to MUP. Other faves were Hakkenson’s SI-inspired also-coconut-palm-frond-as-background masterpiece, Tajaran’s take on Visitacion Parado’s now-legendary tryst-with-waves, Lemonon’s infinity pool hourglass, and Cucharo-Amelinckx’s deft defiance of both slippery moss and sharp rock. Just a review of a concept that turned out to be a HIT for MUP. Congrats, Boss MG!

    Mr. Norman thankfully now has a full week to relax, with the year winding down and with an early S3 break on PN’s… For MK2021, I suggest inspiration from Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” – each candidate framed/backed by a toned, tanned, and handsome guy from the province (they can have a casting for this…), the swimwear with color-blocked patterns a’ la Piet Mondrian.

    (Still hungover with Holiday feelz after downing what was left of the punch. Had punch, alright!)

    • @ flor. Davao City has been holding Mutya ng Dabaw annually since 1970’s. This is open to ladies who are residing in Davao Region(Region X1). MJ Lastimosa and Jannelle Tee were former Mutya ng Dabaw winners who became national titlists. This pageant however is not a regional qualifier for nationals.

      • correction: regional qualifier event.
        addendum: this pageant has no swimsuit segment. It was scrapped in the early part of this decade.

    • I forgot to mention another former Mutya ng Dabaw winner, Erlinda Mejia, who was first runner-up in 1996 Mutya ng Pilipinas. She represented the country in 1997 Miss Intercontinental held in Germany which was won by Lara Dutta of India who became 2000 Miss Universe. Ms Mejia did not place but awarded Ms Eloquent

  4. Who are yours daw sabi ni Mr. Blogger? Sa akin… WALA! National and international lang ang interests ko, di ako fan ng local pageant.

  5. Okay na sana ang concept, eh, if not the dahon ng niyog as background. Ang lakas maka-palaspas!!!


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