11 comments on “Full steam ahead for Miss Kuyamis 2021!

  1. Binibining Cebu
    Mutya ng La Union
    Reyna ng Aliwan
    Miss Bicolandia
    Miss Ilocos
    Miss Kuyamis
    Miss Bohol

    yan mga legit na local pageants

    • @ Baby Nica And what of Cenarosa, Rabiya, Karen Laurrie, Ann (Palmares), & Kesha R.? Can Iloilo “absorb” NIR (Rushton)? 🙂

      Wala’ng 4A, po (CALABARZON)? So, no Ahtisa, Shane, or Hakkenson?

      Wala’ng Davao Region? No Alaiza, Margie, Klyza, Weam, or Ticaro?

  2. That crown is just horrendously big. I mean it takes away the attention from the winner.

    • @ Cherokee It’s like the precursor to the “Power of Authenticity”. As if a more florid version, then Fred (Mouawad, not Cull) realized it required streamlining to stay relevant. 🙂

      Bigger? I saw a video last night of pageant crowning bloopers (might have been complied by Hector Cemeno?). In one Nationals, thing was so big it fell straight through to the shoulders. Both successor and predecessor has a good laugh.

      • Slip of the keyboard warrior. Had, not has.

        (To add, I appreciate that the gowns have very basic silhouettes yet livened by neatly-executed embellishment. I also note what I suspect could be a post-photo edit – ALL ladies seem to have quite generous frontage… Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But look at the last/bottom photo, the enhancement-if-ever looks less cloying/distracting. I have no issue with the crown’s size. It’s here to stay and let’s admit from afar at the backmost row if you were watching on the 7th at least you would still be able to see it… It’s the “girls” that are gripping me… Another memory on the way!)

  3. Miss Kuyamis has good track record in nationals. I will include Chella as one of my favorites to win Miss Bikini Philippines

  4. 7 January is a Thu. So, shall we assume, po, that PN’s on the 10th will feature the new queen? 🙂

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