32 comments on “A Merry and Intimate Christmas to All!

  1. patapos na lang ang 2020 lumindol pa this 7:43am.

    anyway, maligayang pasko sa lahat even if marami nawalan ng trabaho due to pandemic, it’s not the material things that matters. huwag lang tayong mawalan faith, hope, and love.

  2. Merry Christmas Tito Norms! Best of health, serenity of the soul, pure and immaculate love are my wishes for you. 😊

  3. Merry Christmas, Norman! 🎄🎁

    Thank you for keeping on writing through the years. Praying for good health for you and for all yoir readers here. 👋🏽 👋🏽 👋🏽

  4. Maligayang Pasko po Tito Norman! More success for you, your blog, and our Filipina representatives!!!

  5. Been with you through many Christmases and have enjoyed your site for all these years. Once this pandemic is under control and airline travel is truly safe again, I’m flying home and lunch is on me! Merry, blessed Christmas Norman!

  6. I have been an avid reader of your vlog for the past few years now. Thank you for your care for the team, Tito Norms. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  7. Merry Christmas idol, sir Norman and to all the beautiful people in this blog, Keep safe everyone!

  8. What a year it was– volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, typhoons, health pandemic, and their debilitating economic and social fallout– testing every single ounce of Filipino resilience! You’re right Sir Norman, this is going to be an intimate austere Christmas with our nuclear family. But shouldn’t this be our idea of a perfect Christmas? A celebration stripped of the frills and trimmings of rowdy parties, opulent decors, gastronomic delights, expensive clothes leaves us with the real reason for the season– the birth of Jesus Christ! Let this year’s Christmas remind us that over 2000 years ago, an intimate family scene in a lowly manger was heralded by the angels as the divine birth of the Prince of Peace and mankind’s Lord and Saviour. In the backdrop of all these catastrophies and pandemics, let us acknowledge that it is still the same Jesus who can protect humanity from any existential threat..

  9. Merry Christmas po Tito Norman and to everybody!!! God bless us all!!! ❤❤❤

  10. ‘Ay! May pa-mistletoe si Boss Blogger… 🙂

    That “fruit” on the branch above him. Not that on his head, which is holly.

    Admin, pakilala mo na kasi ‘yan’g itinatago niyo’ng Pacific Islander. Alangan naman’g magpalit na naman ng taon, wala pa rin… Wala naman ‘ata’ng liquor ban ngayon sa Paranaque City, no? Baka lumaklak siya ng (red) wine… Boss N, enjoy the fruits of the year, po! We love all you do.

  11. Merry Christmas Norman and to your family. Merry Christmas too to my fellow commenters. We may not have the ideal/traditional Christmas celebration this year, let us all be reminded that the real essence of Christmas is the love that lives inside the hearts of everyone.

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