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  1. Maiba ba lang ng very light!

    Kinlaro na ni Madam Azucarera na sa kanila pa rin daw ang Miss Universe.

    Ang naiba lang pala eh ang Miss USA at Miss Teen USA que Krystle Stewart na! Mas maganda pa nga, diba? Which I am also expecting na mangyari sa Miss Earth Philippines na ma-separate sa Carousel.

    Nakita niyo naman seguro bangayan slash barahan video ni Miss Manila at ni Miss Hipon! Nevertheless, mas na-focus pa rin ako sa pagiging classy ni Michelle Gumabao na even in the middle of an argument, she was able to maintain her neutrality! And at the same time, when given the microphone still able to express herself with clarity!

    Which is opposite naman sa nangyari sa interview ni Rafa kay Rabiya! Kapag beauty queen ka expected na talaga na may mga outside the box or provocative question. Those question will originate from taboo topics like sex, politics or religion! And dapat ma-maintain mo yung composure mo even on those kind of situation! Look at Olivia Culpo when she was interviewed by a Russian journalist, I think about the Iraq Invasion! Nalingat seguro yung handler niya that time kaya di napa-stop yung interview but Olivia was able to manage it well!

    Two days to go before Christmas and second month anniversary na ng MUP winner! I’ll reserve my observation next time! Happy Holidays!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson ‘Ay, mareh! May nakita ako’ng patutsada ni Critical Beauty Salon…

      Don’t idolize beauty queens. They are not perfect.


      (Kings na lang (hihihhh). Which brings to mind. Delfin Lara hasn’t ever interviewed a king, has he?)

  2. Some important points the guests reminded us of this extraordinary Christmas 2020:

    From Illac Diaz: The Filipino healthcare workers frontlined and risked life in the world’s fight against Corona Virus– the best gift a nation can ever give humanity in this critical times.

    From Gazini Ganados: THe best present we can ever give in this season of love and hope is to give our time to our elderly kins who long for our connection and words of endearment.

    As someone who has not been able to attend an in-person church service since March, these resonated like homilies enough to lighten the heavy feeling in this unusually somber Christmas.

    Also, I am pleased to learn about Illac’s advocacy, and am seriously interested in knowing how I can participate from out of Africa.

    • @ scorg Join the Queendom. The four ladies will bring the former UAAP High School track-and-field athlete and yourself together. Sila bahala… 🙂

      • Erratum Tatlo nga lang pala sila. (Akala ko kasama si Gazini.)

        (My bren gows lag-y tuwing Kapaskuhan… That taym op da yir egen…)

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