6 comments on “Miss Bikini Philippines 2020 Official Candidates

  1. Tito Norman, so… Louise Theunis is the concurrent Fit and Bikini Filipinas queen?

    I smell an international franchise! Quick, tell Boss PIR to get a minimum twenty-five (25)-year patent on the titles, po! And what happened to MYI? Kailan ang roll-out? 🙂

    You simply cannot refuse names such as Love (Chelsea), Angel (in the photo, looks like a young Alice Dixson but yes even today she is smoking!), and Sharry (Oncidium “Sharry Baby” is an old-time orchid variety renowned for its chocolate fragrance, reliable blooming, and deep colors).

    I’ll have to round off my preliminary 10-Pick with seven more, namely Elda (heart breaker!), Kateskay (in the photo, like a curvaceous Bea Rose Santiago), Jaycee (serving plenty of Dumaguing vibe!), Nika (very ASEAN sweetness), Liz (ngiti pa lang, busog ka na), Nicole (reminds me of a Jezza Zaragosa calendar at that “bulalo” joint in Sta. Rosa City, Laguna frequented by the Engineering and Operations guys working for the locators of the local EPZ’s*), and Chella (because I recently saw a “Born to be Wild” video of a falcon rehab facility in Dubai).

    * – Export Processing Zone. (Let’s give Blogger Dude the option whether or not to divulge who PIR is.)

      • Angel from OLONGAPO (rooting for a fellow OC kid and not being biased) lol :). But she reminds me of young ALICE DIXson. The resemblance is very uncanny :).

    • My sincere apologies for my error – Abu Dhabi, essentially a clinic-hospital for the prized birds which serve as an important link of the Bedouin residents to their age-old traditions/culture (bird, not hospital).

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