3 comments on “Pageantry Norms Season 3 | Christmas Episode

  1. Aba! At talaga’ng feelz ni Boss Blogger na maghugas sa batalan, a’ la ’80’s bold star. 🙂

    Gow! Basta, dapat i-stream sa TPP, real-time. Ta’s, mag-co-comment kami ng buo’ng laya. lolz.

    Sir Tito, ‘yan ba’ng binibigyan mo ng link at the start of the video, mga frens mo’ng ayaw makita’ng publicly nanonood sila sa inyo? Hhmmm….

    And speaking of, awra-awra ka rin like Alvin Sebetero as intro… The 20-second countdown is meh.

    I like Llegado’s asymmetric hairdo. Vidal Sassoon would approve!

  2. A refreshing conversation in this pandemic-battered Christmas season! Level-headed and intelligent, Patch, Kat, Leren and Glyssa proved that they all deserve to lead the country’s celebration of beauty. I am particularly awed by Patch’s desire to see Africa. As an expat in Africa, it is exhilarating to hear a beauty queen’s fascination with this culturally-rich nature-endowed but often misunderstood continent. It represents a human psyche that is genuinely interested in people, places and events.

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