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  1. Guys, go Google the results of MU 1987. Consider the 2020 line-up. Then, consider this.

    1. Romania instead of Italy.
    2. South Africa instead of Sweden.
    3. Canada instead of Turks & Caicos.


    • Ngayon naman, chizm Houston (TX). Ta’s, na-mention sa Critical Beauty Salon, April to May…??!

    • @ Neha Dhupia Dahil hindi American money, po? 🙂

      Siempre, NGAYON bibili habang bargain/”basement price”…

      Siempre, it’s still with Endeavor UNTIL… And UNTIL THEN, Mommy Sugar calls the shots.

  2. I hope the new buyer will get rid of the regional finalists. It’s just padding and doesn’t have the excitement of a random Top 16 announcement.

    • Paula Shugart clarified that WME still owns Miss Universe and that Miss Teen USA and Miss USA is a separate entity nadaw and owned by Krystle Stewart and the base will be Los Angeles. The new Miss USA also was awarded a Porsche in Los Angeles indicating that it is in fact the new base for that pageant. Maybe WME cannot handle three pageants at the Same time.

      • @ Lymaraina D’Souza So, which is it?

        A. MUSA & MTUSA are viable stand-alone/separate, and it is MU that requires “:fixing”? Or,
        B. MU is the real (money-maker) deal, and the Nationals are the dead weight?

        “Owned by Krystle Stewart” means sub-contracting? Is that like selling the Filipinas franchise of ME to BPCI, creating a “BBP-Earth” title?

  3. The investment decision for the interested MU buyers is straightforward. Compare MU’s market value or tag price with the Net Present Value of estimated future earnings. The cash inflows will come from franchise fees, sponsorship deals, venue hosting fees, income from broadcasting rights, appearance fees of the reigning queen, advertising/ endorsement fees, merchandising income, etcetera. Any savvy global investor knows that cash flow stream comes easily in a region where the consumer market is vibrant and where the business community and the public sector values the political economy of pageantry. I believe, that region is Asia.

  4. Whoever will be the new shareholders, I don’t think the MU brand elements will change. A brand is the emotional link of a product to its consumers. Those devices that serve to identify and differentiate MU– logos, symbols, spokespersons, slogans, jingles, show format and signage– create the so-called brand value that makes it memorable, easily recognizable, and perceptually superior in quality. The MU brand represents an asset, as well as a source of current and future earnings and cash flows for MUO. This translates into in the so-called market value and definitely impacts on the shareholder value, the price tag the prospective buyers are negotiating on. Who among the rumoured buyers would shell out big investment money against prospects of future cash flows? Only those with a huge market base—fans, corporate sponsors, and other players in pageantry’s political economy—would take the risk. The most likely place where that investor comes from is where pageantry is a sunrise industry.

  5. kahit sino pa may ari ng palubog na pageant
    business is business
    pera ay pera

    humanda ka Rabiya
    sa paghampas ng balakang ni South Africa
    sa bunganga at lips ni Canada
    sa panga ni Mexico
    sa ilong ni Thailand

    palakasin mo mga butu buto mo Ineng

  6. The only constant in this world is change. I just hope that the next owner of Miss Universe will continue the legacy of showcasing the most ” beautiful show” in the universe annually

  7. Interesting kung si Jenner.
    Baka maging reality tv show/contest.
    Hybrid ANTM/pageant ang dating.
    Once a week may eliminated na contestant or batch of contestants.
    Final week, final 3 walks the stage and faces rapid questions from the judges.

    • Kung si Jenner ang bibili… so magiging judge mga Kardashians… Baka pinaka malaking hips and butt manalo… Pwede pa ba si Parul Shah?

      • Sanay magproduce at gumawa ng gimmicks ang mga Kardashians para sa shows nila.
        They’ll be better producers than IMG. They have better celebrity connections as well.
        They know how to put a glitzy show.

  8. The ist two is more possible especially the kardashians. But i think LCS can buy the MUO. Siguro may utang pa ang MUO sa kanya so less na yon. But MUO puts the price higher than LCS expected. kaya nila with their wealth kaya lang aayaw LCS pag tinaasan pa. First choice nila LCS for sure. The ist 2 can say Yes to IMG especially the kardashians. so mas feel ko Kardashians won.

  9. … Is it possible the change won’t be as abrupt as we imagine?

    Like the dimensions of the Chanel No. 5 flacon. It “adapted imperceptibly to its time” – 1930, 1950, 1970, & 1986.

    And like the storied scent, “resist the whims of fashion and the passage of time” to stay relevant.

  10. Patay na. Expect crownless years under Donald Trump’s. The highest we can get is 3rd runner up or 4th runner up.

    • Donald Trump will be in jail or on the run somewhere. The New York state courts are going after him with focus and determination once he’s out of office. He has a lot to answer for tax wise and will no longer have the office of the presidency to shield him. Why do you think he’s trying so hard to overturn the election? He won’t and he’ll have to face the music or make a quick dash to a country without an extradition treaty withe the USA. Just my thoughts…

      • You are a self-righteous a—h—-! Pls have some dignity and provide proof before u unleash anything like that .
        You have got the nerve!!!!

      • Look at the Southern District of New York state and read the district attorneys legal filings that she will file the day after the inauguration. And quit projecting. It seems the only one being an anus here is you and it’s been on a constant basis. Get off your high horse, quit clutching your pearls. You’ve been very vocal especially when a contestant not to your liking wins or does well. You get upset if someone expresses a different point of view. You seem to consider yourself to be beyond reproach and get all up in arms when contradicted. Get over it. Yes, I have nerve. Nerve to speak up when I see wrong and speak when bullies prey. You were never worth the time to respond to because it’s hard to debate with ignorance. This time, you are calling me names and I’m responding. Do crawl back under the rock from which you came and go back to being the armchair bully hiding behind a computer. It’s what you do best.

      • Lol keep dreaming that trump will be put on jail, sure there maybe charges against him but you clearly don’t know how the rich and powerful Americans evade paying taxes all the time. Siguro kung pina Jeffrey Einstein ang peg Nyan. Wala ngang nakulong nung 2008 financial crisis from Wall Street. At for sure yang judge na you’re referring about is a democrat liberal typical New Yorker na self righteous eh pare parehong lang naman silang kurakot ma democrat o republican man yan.

      • It’s a good thing you looked straight into the eye of the bitchy chimp without batting an eyelash. She thinks so highly of herself that she has gone to the point of looking at herself high up the ceiling. Yeah, right. She’s up at the ceiling like any house pest in good company of cockroaches, bugs and spiders. I just can not stomach the gall of that bitch. SHE IS A SHRIEKING, ROMPING, SCREAMING BITCH WHO SHOUTS EVERYTIME SHE GOBBLES UP HER LOLLIES. THIS BITCH IS A SICKO!

    • Trump owned MU from 1996 to 2015. And during that period, Philippines had two 1st runner up: Miriam Quiambao ’99 and Janine Tugonon ’12.

      • You are right mentioning those achievements for PH. But notice the gap 1999 to 2012. So, it takes ages for us to get those placements. And we are crownless during these these gaps under Donald Trumps ownership.

    • I was inclined to believe that Trump was a major factor for non-placement of Philippines after ’99 and before ’10. However, having followed this blog site for quite some time, I beg to disagree. The overall presentations of our reps during that time frame is nowhere near those of Quiambao and others since Venus. And I’m still optimistic regardless who owns MU, that as long as Filipino “Beauty Camps,” fans and designers continue to enthusiastically support, our reps will have a fighting chance to place.

      • Agree. Very lousy Pero actually in an episode of the Apprentice, na frustrate si Trump bakit daw wala si Maricar Balagtas, Miss Ukraine and Miss Venezuela 😂 then next year may trump picks na (2005)

  11. If true, this could be a game-changer. The new owners might be looking for a new type of girl to win. They might not be necessarily looking for that well-spoken girl ala Catriona or Zozi. Candidates must re-think their strategies if this is true. What you consider the front-runners now might not be true once the new owners step-in. The dark-horse might very well have a fighting chance.

  12. Maloka kau pag ‘yan binili ng mga Araneta. LOL

    I have a strong feeling na Chavit will buy it with Mouawad.

  13. Changing of ownership could mean new owners will have a new criteria in selecting a winner. Hope this won’t affect our country’s winning streak.

  14. Baka bilhin ULIT ni Trump at Presidente siya MULI ng… Miss Universe Organization. He, he, he…

  15. Selling a business is not an unusual occurence in the corporate world. I’m not surprised at all that IMG sells out its 100% interest at MUO. IMG is into events marketing and this industry is one of the hardest hit by this pandemic since mid- February. From among the rumoured takers, those backed by a huge market size would be real shoo-ins. That means, Latin American and Asian can be serious contenders. But pageantry in Asia is a sunrise industry, as compared to Latin America where fan frenzy does not translate much to corporate sponsorship. Business-wise, I think it augurs well for MUO ownership to fall into the hands of a savvy Asian business conglomerate.

      • South Asia is headlined by India. East Asia is headlined by Japan and China. The fans there as not as noisy as in Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia but the corporate sponsors and the government of India, japan and China are also receptive to the social and economic impact of pageantry.

    • Lol I read an article from the Indian times that “India outgrew it’s love for pageantry” after the IT boom in India wapakels na sila though fans still remains. And China and Japan? I don’t think so.

      • The political economy of beauty pageants is strong in these countries. The fans may not be as noisy as in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, but other stakeholders– business community, government and civil society– are receptive to pageantry. How many MWs have taken place in India and China? Don’t forget that Japan has been the home of MI for decades. Incidentally, these countries, along with Southeast Asian countries I mentioned (including Singapore), are the world’s growing economies which are lucrative markets for pageantry business.

      • @ scorg Bernadette Belle Ong feels you. 🙂

        (My all-time Singapore fave pageant sweetie is Fuad Al-Hakim. puso.)

    • @ Viggo Bjorn ‘Di naman. Magpapalit lang ng owner. Buti nga, ‘eh. Fresh blood! 🙂

      And for all we know, IMG is happy to divest itself of the MU portfolio. Means someone bought it from them, which in turn translates to a reduction in their debts/liabilities. Significant, hopefully.

      What could be interesting is the WHO’S-WHO. Who will stay, will be retained. Who’s new (means may umalis)…. Si fafa MG, kaya? Gusto niya kaya ma-promote? (puso)

      (Malay natin, Mouawad had a hand in brokering the deal… And imo, Gov. Singson is not involved.)

    • @ Viggo Bjorn You know what’s universe-shaking?

      The Great Conjunction tomorrow, of Saturn and Jupiter. In Manila, as reported by Koya Kim Atienza on canale 2, best seen in the western sky 1800H – 1900H, assuming clear skies…

      (… This will correspond with the Winter Solstice. It will literally be a BIG light in the darkness.)

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