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  1. Posts like this makes it look like “kawawa naman si Aya, ipadala na yan”. Give the girl some pride, dont make it look like its the end of the world for her. Nagmumukhang kawawa si Aya actually sa ganitong mga insensitve na write up.

  2. The CONCEPT (INSPIRATION) of the photo shoot – POKPOK in BANGKOK!

    Mag-ISIP naman kayo ala-Catriona & her team, thus the WINNING in Thailand.

  3. My choice for MGI would have been Sam B
    Sam B just needs to lose her contravida vibe and she can win it all

    • @ Fabian Reyes Si ROM, gusto’ng gumanap na kontrabida. 🙂

      Siya, daw, sisira sa relasyon/pagsasamahan… Pansinin mo, nga. The way she tickles Fafa Neil.

      Sam B never struck me as difficult. Her “tantrum” after placing 2nd RU (again) last year – “I deserve better!” – is no different from Mitch’s own “walkout” from BCC now nearly two months ago. Very good both ladies have settled their nerves down. Can’t blame them. They worked hard.

      What I find a bit unbelievable is Atty. Patitay’s “flight to Guam” not very long after being denied the Universe crown, ostensibly on green card requirements. But, that’s history and later she will talk…

      • Contravida , it’s not her attitude as I have not heard anything negative about Sam in that department .
        It’s just her overall presentation. .
        She’s trying to be too seductive.
        I think she needs to have a more smile-y presentation… like Cat


    SECONDLY, the PICTURES POSTED ABOVE REMIND ME of the POLE DANCERS ALONG the SIDESTREETS (DARK ALLEYS) in SILOM DISTRICT. I think Norman you are very familiar with this famous district in the BIG MANGO. If the next MGI will be held in BANGKOK, then the concept is very APT.

    PAKIUSAP sa KAPASKUHAN: NORMAN PLEASE, PLEASE STOP POSTING UGLY PICTURES of AYA ABESAMIS & that MISS SORSOGON. Adam Genato posted pictures na magkamukha sila. Parang MAS maganda pa ang mga nanalo sa Miss Gay Tondo o sa Miss Balut Island sa Davao Occidental sa dalawang nabanggit.

    PASENSYA NA sa aking HINDI KAGANDAHANG COMMENT this Holiday Season.

    • Lol
      Kung pangit si Aya, wala nang maganda .
      She looks a lot better without the pageant make up .

    • They grow old gracefully
      Look at her mom who looks prettier now than ever before

      • @ miss tissa Said Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, “good taste comes from good spiritual values. It has nothing to do with beauty or ugliness”. 🙂

        @ paul Buti ka pa, Dude. Ako, along Sukumvhit lang… 😦

    • Typical toxic vaklash bashing.
      Don’t tell me it’s your own opinion, it’s your own biased, opinionated,
      uncalled and conduct unbecoming. You can opined without resorting to
      negativity, and maligning. 🙈🙈🙈
      When was the last time you look at your flimsy mirror in the public bathroom?

    • C2f, lack of confidence and comm skills will be her undoing
      Would be nice to see her win , though

      • @ Fabian Reyes “Why?!!… Why?!!…”. Was good enough for 2nd RU, Coco Araya Supakhrul. 🙂

        Si Angkol, nemen, ‘pag nagustuhan ka, OK. Patalinjug and Lo, he didn’t like at all. Kaya ‘yun, mga ligwak… (For the former, I think I know why. The latter, on tardiness alone, never stood a chance.)

      • Patalinhug … her body and overall presentation was not good . And the way she talked .. was there something wrong with her teeth ?
        As for Sam Lo, she looked amazing and was really articulate. I think her late appearance was the major issue. And the walk . Though this should have been forgiven l

  5. she would be the best choice right now to represent Pinas and compete in the next edition of MGI… she will perform beautifully and compete seriously with the latinas …

  6. Oh la la. What a sexy body this girl possesses. A body envied by everyone. I love to see Aya wearing the Philippine sash, sashaying on the stage of MGI.

  7. Tito Norms, so ibig sabihin ba nito, may naririnig kayong chika na magko-compete si Aya sa Miss Grand International 2020? Malakas ang kutob ko na kung ipapadala natin sya, sya yung magiging kauna-unahang Miss Grand natin!

    • With MGI and BBP finals potentially happening in the same month (March) next year, it is likely to pave the way for Aya to represent us finally.

      • Sana magdilang anghel po kayo Tito:) Pag nangyari yun, sya na talaga ang itinadhana:)

  8. I recall now how political developments in La Paz pushed KL’s campaign to the first quarter of this year; she finished ‘(Spanish word for “seventh”) Finalista’ at RHA. Right guys, no?

    Paul Luzineau was “hunted down” just in time, around that same time frame too. Iwas-pandemya!

    I predict His Dear Sweetness will prepare a GRAND welcome to the Metal Ox – mid-February. 🙂

    He will expect a NatCos massacre! But,… guys, puwede kaya, for a change, not Edwin Uy? Let’s use the opportunity to launch a budding designer with a clear keen eye and refined technique. (No, I’m not saying Mr. Uy sucks.)

    The SARS-Cov2 pandemic has provoked much hostility. We saw how a pandemic can trigger a war-like mindset. THIS should be Aya’s message in the Speech – a common enemy can unite us, too!

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