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  1. Sir Norman, the series on Bb Pilipinas National Costumes seems like an anthology of native indigenous attire of Filipino women. But when will the official presentation of these splendid creations take place? In other words, when will the Binibinimg Pilipinas 2020 take place? It’s a few days before 2020 closes and we have yet to hear from the organisers. It looks like BPCI’s schedule depends on the schedule of its franchises, which obviously are still “home quarantined”.

    • I hear you, scorg. And this could also be the reason for the slow upload of individual NatCos photos. They want to make sure that they can stretch it till the first quarter of 2021 so that there will be continuous signs of life on their page till something more safe & concrete can be planned.

      • @ Norman Tito King, 28 March (a Palm Sunday) looks good, po. Enough with that practice of the Holy Week layover!

        (Let’s also assume Angkol will roll out his 2020-21 Final on the 26th or 27th. If Aya wins, she can get the first plane back to Manila to crown her Bb successor; he can come along, too. Like when Mark Avila won in Indonesia, flew back home immediately to an obviously elated Clark Cadorniga.)

      • @ Norman … Also…

        May naglabas na ng first picks for MI 2021! Mukha’ng natimbrehan sila ni SID. Baka may movement na… Ask around, po, what’s stirring at BBP. The groundhog got out earlier than usual.

        (Peaceful Christmas morning to you. Hope Bailey slept well.)

  2. Wow, after saying I’m tired of Ternos…
    This changed my mind a bit….

    I love the modern silhouette..
    I love the mildly plunging neckline..
    The headress is definitely outstanding…
    I love that it is shimmering and bejeweled all over
    I’m craving for something more avant garde but this is the perfect blend of traditional w/ a neo-classical twist.

    I love the sculptured puff sleeves shaped like common rooster heads w/ a hanging fish. Only problem is why does it look like a common rooster with red wattles for a crest. FYI, the Sarimanok is inspired by the combination of colorful long-tailed pheasants, the Asian phoenix, and the native red jungle fowl(one of the ancestors of Chickens)…. The Sarimanok’s crest is actually suppose to be made of colorful feathers shaped like fire not just a red wattle crest like a common rooster. Recent study shows that the ornate red wattles of our native Red jungle fowl is not natural but a product of inter-breeding with foreign domestic chickens.

    It’s a common misconception that Sari-manoks are chickens(as perpetuated by the MU national costume of Rachel Peter’s)… When in fact, Sari-manok only has the Jungle Fowl as ONE of it’s MANY inspirations and is still a totaly different species from the domestic chicken brought by foreigners that later hybridized with our native breeds/species. The term “Manok” originaly refers to this wild native bird( wild jungle fowl)… and not the docile modern hybrids that is bred for consumption.

    I’m giving this 8.5 stars due to the beauty of execution.

  3. OK. If I said that Rosales’ (Laguna) was “puwede”, this even more. 🙂

    The train is unnecessary. That “kadineta” looks interesting… Lovely fringe action on the skirt!

    Look what the garish lighting did! The Brief says it’s yellow. K-A-L-O-K-A-K-A-H-! 😦

    (Am not a fan of fusion looks. Kung Islamic, Islamic. Kung Bulacan (Tagalog), Bulacan.)

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